Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hubby Trying To Be Funny

My husband cracks me up big time. He has this way of making me laugh my heart out from some simple blab to some jokes he would just spontaneously blurt out of nowhere.

He really has this funny bone in him - that or I have a very shallow sense of humor. Irrespective, he still makes me laugh most of the time, and that's the bottomline :o)

Here are some scenarios I remembered for the past few days that kept me cracking up.

I. The other day, I showed him pictures of our friend Izy's newly born baby (congrats sis for a very beautiful baby girl!). Hubby, of course, was super ecstatic seeing the little cutie (plus he must have imagined having his very own by March of next year). He said the baby looks sooo much like her dad. I also told him it would be nice if our little bebe Anikka would look like him as well and he just smiled. I thought that was the end of that topic....

Then while driving, I was on the passenger seat and I noticed him touching and feeling his head and hair. I was just perplexed looking at him, then with this serious look on his face he blurted something like - "What if our little bebe get my big head and tonsa hair? And I have this very thin upper lip and my nose is too small and pointy...." ----- a few seconds of silence and that did it for me... I started laughing!!! I haven't seen him looking so seriously disturbed about his facial features because to him, he always looks "gwapo". So seeing him a bit concerned that his little one would look like him --- wow, took me to another level I tell yah. It was uber funny though as I recall that look on his face, hahaha :o)

II. Another "funny incident" I remembered when we were passing time at the mall after dinner. I saw this yellow boxer shorts hanging on the rack by itself and it's on sale. The design of this shorts was a sad faced "smiley" (as ironic as it is). So I was like "Why would a guy would wanna wear a pair of undies with some sad-looking character???". Then as spontaneous as he is he blurted - "Cuz his nuts are feeling cold!" (sorry for my profanity). Dang... that did it again for me!!! I laughed soooooo hard I just can't stop the whole time we were at the mall!! I know, I know... very shallow of me, huh?

III. Then the other day, as we're getting ready for bed... he started talking to little bebe (as he would normally does before going to bed). I didn't expect what he was about to say but I thought I find it funny:

Hubby to little bebe: "Little bebe, don't be surprised when mommy starts making all this funny sounds like "achuchuchupachupachu... or babababbababa.... or shmoocumshmoocumshmoo..." (I do meaningless baby talks with the dogs whenever I find them so cute and adorable). It only means she loves you very much..."

Then he kissed my tummy goodnight.

That made me laugh cuz the way he did the baby talk was exactly as how I say them. He got the accent and intonation so perfectly me that I didn't realize how stupid I sounded until I heard him say them. Hahahaha :o)

Anyhoo, thank God for all the sweet and funny hubbies that wifeys like me were blessed with. Makes lotsa difference on how I perceive my life and how God makes me feel loved through my husband and all the blessings that came with him from the very moment he asked me to be his :o)


Gracie said...

you are blessed for having such husband who cracks you up all the time. sana mamana din ni anikka ang talent ni daddy :)
natawa ako dun sa worries nya about his physical features. kulit ni john..haha!

Crinklynose said...

haha, thanks sis! naku, komikero talga si john, hehehee :o)

we're blessed having super sweet and loving loveydoveydoos :o)

tc dearie!


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