Sunday, October 12, 2008

How To Make Homemade Taho

Taho is a Filipino dessert/delicacy made from soy bean curd, brown sugar syrup and tapioca pearls served warm in the morning.

Taho vendors travel (walking around the neighborhood) from house to house yelling "Tahoooooooooooo!!!!!". I remembered clearly when I was younger, me and my siblings would be bringing our own cups outside so the mamang magtataho could fill up our respective cups. My my my... those were the days, haha :o)

For some reason this morning I have an inkling of wanting to eat some so I desperately thought of some easy way to make it even if I'm miles away from Pinas. Nothing beats the mamang magtataho's version but I think I did a pretty decent job as well making it as close to how I remember it tastes like.

Here are some videos I had making my version of taho. Oh, I ran out of memory card so some videos were cut even if I'm not done documenting my "experiment", haheee! Hope this helps if you want to make your own taho at home when the real thing is way out of reach :o)




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popcorn said...

Hi berns, how did your taho come out ?

I remember a conversation we had with some pinoy friends we met a few years ago, they mentioned that they had taho that weekend so I asked where they got it.

They told me that they just buy soft silken tofu from the grocery store and then cut that up into "taho slices" by using a metal spoon or sandok.

Surfergirl said...

berns bilib na ko sayo pati taho kaya mo gawin! it looks really good. ill try it soon :)

Crinklynose said...

hello sisters! or should i address both of you - jean & jean - since you share the same name, heheheee :o)

jean (popcorn) yep, i used silken tofu so it's really soft. i boiled it for about 10 mins. turned out pretty good naman :o)

heheheheee, jean missie (surfergirl), thanks girl! you should try it sometime. it doesn't take that long to make basta you find a ready to eat sago so you can just heat it up together with the brown sugar & water mixture :o)

lemme know what happens when both of you get to try it ha? :o)

tc gals!!



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