Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Could Have Been in Disney World Florida

About this same time last year, hubby and I planned on having our next escapade. I would have loved to explore European countries eventually, but I thought sticking locally for the meantime would be as enjoyable as well (not to mention, cheaper!).

One of the places hubby and I would love to go to is Disney World :o) Yeah- in Orlando, Florida! Where else is the perfect place to celebrate our wedding anniversary but in the Happiest Place on Earth???!!!!

It's our church wedding anniversary today and so last year, we thought we'd plan on celebrating our 3rd anniversary traveling to places we would love to go to. So Disney World was our supposed-to-be-target for this year's celebration. The best time to go there is just about after Thanksgiving when people just came from traveling. Plus, during Thanksgiving, Disney World would have just started their Christmas/Holiday theme that could have made the place more magical than ever! It's just a dream for me to be there during Christmas season. Oh maaan, my imagination is all over the place right at this very moment...

I've actually been looking for travel guides and tips on how to make the most out of our stay there without breaking the piggy bank - yep, as early as November last year! And as usual, travel sites like (my favorite ever) have always been indispensable to people like me who loves the convenience of planning every detail through a click of a mouse :o) I would always find uber good deals on air tickets, hotels, land transportation - even for last minute travels!

Part of our "Places to see" list are Alaska, Australia, Japan, New Zealand. European cruise is also a great idea, but maybe after we explore the Schengen countries on our own :o) Oh maaaan, it's soooo nice to think about the endless possibilities if we're not only limited financially. Times these days are hard so every spending has to be taken into consideration.

Anyways, when are we going, you might ask. Well, after finding out that we're pregnant, all travel plans had changed. We could have gone even if we're 5 months on the way however, what's the point of going there without enjoying every single ride? I would think there are only certain rides that preggers are allowed to. Bummer.

So that's the reason why we decided we'd wait until our little chocnut Anikka is big enough to appreciate the magic of Disney World. That means mommy and daddy have another 5 to 7 years of saving up for this anticipated and long overdue vacation. I read from another travel resource that the best age to bring kids to Disney is when they turned 5. Anything before that might just be a total waste of time. First, they wouldn't remember, second they wouldn't appreciate everything in there. Might as well wait for them to grow up a bit.

No regrets though... Anikka's the best thing that ever happened to us this year... Disney World could definitely wait for a few more years :o)

To my hubby, happy happy happy 3+ year anniversary! Anikka, Skye, Chewy and of course, mommy love you more than you'd ever know. No Disney World for us this year alright, but nothing could be more worth it than having our very own princess growing beautifully in my tummy :o*


aslee said...

ako din, when i was in LA last month, i'm not that excited to go visit disneyland kasi i was preparing it when my hubby and kids would be here. since i'm here in nj now, i think disney florida is the best way to go. i can't wait to have my family here! :)

di bale, it's worth the wait naman when ur baby is grown up and enjoying it w/ u both.

Surfergirl said...

happy anniversary to you and john, berns! kami din before we found out we were moving, we were planning on a trans-siberian rail trip naman. but alas, things have to be put on hold. really love travelling and i feel i havent travelled in such a long long time.
anyway if you ever find the opportunity to visit oz, let me know, it would be nice to finally see you guys :)

Crinklynose said...

hi aslee!! so you're in NJ now? ang bilis naman. did you get to around here in the West? bummer, we didn't even get a chance to meet :o(

yeah, i agree with you. it's really different to go to places if you're with your loved ones. ganyan din ako for the most part. so im sure it's all worth the wait until your family gets here and y'all could go there together. hehehee :o)

for the meantime, we'd probably schedule our babymoon before anikka comes then have to wait for years to go to disney world, hehehe :o)

tc sweetie!

Crinklynose said...

hi jean! thanks for the anniv greeting girl :o)

how's packing up coming along? it's really exciting to move to a new place... new beginnings, new memories :o)

syemps naman dearie, everytime i think of oz, kayo agad ni zk ang naiisip ko, so definitely we'd let you know whenever we have solid plans to go there... haaaay... exciting!!! :o)

flowerdrumsong said...

happy anniversary berns! :) ok lang if you don't go yet - nothing is more precious than that little one in your tummy! ;)

Gracie said...

that's ok, hunny! next time naman may kasama nang little girl - mas masaya yun! :)

Gracie said...

at nakalimutan kong i-type: Happy Anniversary to you & John! :)

Crinklynose said...

thanks weng! yeah, disney world could always wait :o) we're happy to have anikka kahit unplanned, hehehee... especially now that she's getting very active :o)

hi gracie dearie! thanks for the greeting as well. oo nga, we realized mas masaya pag kasama na ang chikiting na to, aheheeee :o) 4 more months until we get to meet her face to face... then a few more years to go before we could all go to the happiest place on earth, ahehehee :o) i'm sure it's worth the wait :o) tc dearie!

aslee said...

naku berns sayang nga di ako naka-visit in that area. i have 2 more friends there who's also counting on my visit. i'll try early next year if i had the chance to visit west coast again. tc! happy anniv! :)


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