Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Already A Troublemaker...

Sorry everyone if I haven't had a chance to reply to your messages nor bloghop during the past few days... thanks for visiting my blog still :o)

Anikka here is already a troublemaker at 21 weeks. Last Monday, hubby rushed me to the OB triage where they admitted me for about 4 hours. I was in severe abdominal pain - we were super scared we thought Anikka's going to come out! This little goofball...

I started feeling the pain in my pelvic area Saturday afternoon. I was still doing ok back then since I could handle the sharp stabs on my back and my lower abdomen. Then come midnight, it progressed to a very unbearable constant pain on my pelvic bone. It hurts so bad I can't even pee. I thought I was having some bladder infection but heck, this feels worse than that! It feels like Anikka's pressing hard on my bladder and pelvic floor - super painful!!!!

I called the 24 hours nurse line from my OB's office and she told me that I should make sure I drink tons of water (4 big cups in an hour) and if that didn't help, to go to the hospital for immediate medical care.

Since I could still handle the pain, I didn't go to the hospital. I thought maybe it could get better after a day. But oh maaan, I was wrong. We waited until Monday to go to the hospital. They monitored Anikka's vitals, my contractions and checked me if she's getting lower already. So thank goodness, they didn't feel her head, she's not coming out!

They also took my urine sample to check for possible bladder and kidney infection --- nada... negative! Everything looked normal, no bleeding, no fever, vomitting, change in discharge etc...

At the end of the day, they just told me it could just be the normal round ligament pains that pregnant women experience at this stage. I didn't buy it just because they can't explain the burning feeling while I pee. There has got to be an explanation to this... driving me nuts!!! They also told me to just take Tylenol (and I did) but that didn't help with the pain as well.

It's been almost 4 days now and it's still excruciating to pee and my lower abdomen feels like I'm-going-to-have-my-period-anytime kinda thing. So this morning, I went to see my OB and she told me what I've been suspecting, Since I have tiny pelvis, that I could be having pelvic separation.. thus the lingering lower abdominal pain. But that didn't explain why it's burning when I use the bathroom.

I need Dr Gregory House to make some sense to all these things!!!!!

Speaking of House, did anyone see last night's episode? What's up with that smooching action between him and Cutty?? Uhmmm... I wasn't thrilled at all!


Gracie said...

whew! ninerbyos ako sa account mo, Berns! goodness, little Mikka (uy, tinatawag na sa nickname na bigay ni Mommy!)…please don’t give Mommy a hard time. paglabas mo na lang *peace, berns! love you!*
hope you feel better soon, dearie! (teka, hindi kaya UTI yan?)

Crinklynose said...

hi sis, naku super thanks sa concern. i'm good now... para nga lang nagdahilan yung pain. i'm perplexed with what just happened. i started to feel better last thurs. then friday, oks na oks na ko. weird nga e.

i really thought UTI rin sya but the dr didn't find any bladder infection from the urine test/culture.

haha, parati rin kinakausap ni hubby si mikka telling her to stay out of trouble, heheheee :o)

tc always dearie!


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