Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mac & Cheese and My Hubby...

Definitely I'm not a mac & cheese gal. For the longest time that I have been here in the States, I actually never tried one, oh wait, lemme rephrase that - I never dared to try one. I hope I wouldn't be offending anyone who loves this true blue American dish but the idea of eating macaroni and some melted cheese makes me a bit queasy.

My hubby, for some reason, had some "craving" for mac & cheese today. I told him maybe we can try cooking it vs having to buy those ready-to-go instant boxes from the grocery store. So excitedly, he looked for a recipe and found Guy Fieri's version (Mac Daddy Mac & Cheese). Reading the ingredients, I was convinced it's not the same mac & cheese as I've imagined. So after grabbing the ingredients we need, hubby took control over my kitchen.

Anyways, to cut the story short, hubby was able to satisfy his craving after about an hour whipping up the ingredients. I tried it myself and it's pretty good. However, I don't think it's something I would be able to eat over and over again (for health reasons). I just didn't think it's the most healthy food out there. Instinctively, I didn't want hubby to finish the whole batch all by himself so I asked him if he wants to bring the rest at work for his buddies. I kinda felt his hesitation, initially. I was under the impression that he just want the whole thing for himself. Then after further "interrogation", I got to find out the reason why he 's against it---- "It's not a guy thing to be bringing food for his friends".

Whaaaaaat???? That's it? Maaaan, classic example of how different gals & guys think. It's a machismo thing. Guys guys guys (*tsk*)... I find it cute and funny though, hahahaha :o)


popcorn said...


I don't think that it's a SINGLE-guy thing to bring food for his officemates but I think it's perfectly acceptable for a MARRIED guy to bring food for his friends. You can always say that "MY wife made me bring this..."


Cidy said...

ang sarap naman nito =)


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