Monday, September 15, 2008


No, I haven't technically jumped into the LUSH-fanatics bandwagon, but I thought I'd try some of their products anyways. I'm getting frustrated with the facial care I had to force myself to switch to since the beginning of my pregnancy. The products that worked for me before contain ingredients that are not safe for the baby so this leaves me no choice but to look for something organic or something that didn't have anything that would harm my baby.

After about 2 months of using Rare Minerals facial cleanser, I still breakout and it's frustrating me big time. I looked up which products I could safely use while pregnant and thank goodness I came across LUSH.

LUSH are handmade cosmetics with mostly fresh organic ingredients though some products contain minimal synthetic ingredients as well. When you go to their website, they would show the exact ingredients they used for each product. Those in green font are the organic ingredients and those in black are the synthetic ones. The only thing I didn't like is that some of their products contain parabens. I didn't get it cuz a lot of manufacturers these days are trying to stay away from parabens and LUSH, as fresh and organic they seemed to be, still use these harmful ingredients (based off on some studies from UK).

As what I've understood, they're pretty popular in Canada and UK. I'm guessing they're gaining popularity in the US market too. Good thing we have a store not too far from where I live so I checked it out myself before I buy stuff online.

When we got into the store, I was overwhelmed with a lot of "goodies" all over the place. I love the smell of most of their products. Good thing I've already done my research so I know which items to look for and not get distracted with the other stuff I don't need.

So here are the items I was intending to get that day:

1) Angels on Bare Skin - cleanser & exfoliant
2) Breath of Fresh Air - toner
3) Gorgeous - moisturizer
4) Mask of Magnaminty - mask

However, I ended up with some more. Good thing though, I got some of them for free. People from the LUSH store give out samples especially if you're not sure what to get yet. It's the way to go for budget-conscious gals like me. The moisturizer that was intriguing me and has rave reviews all over costs $85 a bottle!!! Duh, who in their right minds would purchase that without trying it first if it works for them or not???? Craziness!!!

Anyhoo, I'd post my reviews on each product I've tried this weekend. I just started using them last week, so I want to make sure I have at least a week to have tried them before giving my share on how they work for me. So far, I'm loving Angels on Bare Skin and the body butter cream called Buffy :o)


flowerdrumsong said...

hey, I'm a closet-Lushie! lol well now that I'm telling, I guess it's not a closet-ed one anymore. hahahaha I used Angels on Bare Skin and it did cleanse/exfoliated as it should be. Love their bath bombs too - especially the purple one that induces us to sleep lol... I'm now using the Dream Cream for the hands - it's at work so I get really soft hands afterwards! :)

Crinklynose said...

hi weng! naku, i got hooked with lush na rin yata. yesterday i went back to the store to grab some more. i love their angels on bare skin, mask of magnaminty and ocean salt body scrub. i haven't tried any of their bath bombs yet, they sure are interesting, super nakaka-temp i-try lahat, heheeee :o)


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