Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mac & Cheese and My Hubby...

Definitely I'm not a mac & cheese gal. For the longest time that I have been here in the States, I actually never tried one, oh wait, lemme rephrase that - I never dared to try one. I hope I wouldn't be offending anyone who loves this true blue American dish but the idea of eating macaroni and some melted cheese makes me a bit queasy.

My hubby, for some reason, had some "craving" for mac & cheese today. I told him maybe we can try cooking it vs having to buy those ready-to-go instant boxes from the grocery store. So excitedly, he looked for a recipe and found Guy Fieri's version (Mac Daddy Mac & Cheese). Reading the ingredients, I was convinced it's not the same mac & cheese as I've imagined. So after grabbing the ingredients we need, hubby took control over my kitchen.

Anyways, to cut the story short, hubby was able to satisfy his craving after about an hour whipping up the ingredients. I tried it myself and it's pretty good. However, I don't think it's something I would be able to eat over and over again (for health reasons). I just didn't think it's the most healthy food out there. Instinctively, I didn't want hubby to finish the whole batch all by himself so I asked him if he wants to bring the rest at work for his buddies. I kinda felt his hesitation, initially. I was under the impression that he just want the whole thing for himself. Then after further "interrogation", I got to find out the reason why he 's against it---- "It's not a guy thing to be bringing food for his friends".

Whaaaaaat???? That's it? Maaaan, classic example of how different gals & guys think. It's a machismo thing. Guys guys guys (*tsk*)... I find it cute and funny though, hahahaha :o)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Disappointed... a bit...

Sad to say that we didn't get to find out our baby's gender today :o( When we got to the clinic, the Dr said that we have to wait for another 3 weeks just to make sure that little bebe is big enough. By that time, we'd be 19 weeks along the way. Sigh, I should have called and confirmed before going to the clinic so we didn't have to expect too much. One of the problems I can foresee with group practice OBGYN's - not enough handshaking/passdown at times. Bummer.

It's a bit disappointing since we're really looking forward to find out if we're going to have a girl or a boy. Hubby and I have been talking about going through the next steps after finding out the gender of our baby - like what color to paint the room with, filtering the possible names, save up for guns & bats so daddy could protect the baby from boys if it's a girl... those kinda stuff (*funny how dads could become uber protective of their little girls... maybe because they know what boys are thinking - been there done that kinda thing for them... tsk tsk tsk*).

It's all good though, cuz even if we didn't have an ultrasound today, we got to hear our little bebe's heartbeat through the doppler. So surreal - it's like tiny whooshing sounds of the wind. So heart-melting... enough to make up for the disappointment of not finding out if our bebe's going to be a girl or a boy. At least we know he/she's ok inside my tummy and that's what's important more than anything else.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Big Day Tomorrow - 09/18/08!!!

Because we'd find out if our baby is a girl or a boy!!! Woooohoooo!!! We can't wait, I've been dreaming about it, anticipating so much to finally find out :o)

I don't have any preference but hubby wanted to have a boy so much! Ahhh, as long as he/she is healthy and perfectly normal, I'm happy.

Lord, thank you po for the countless blessings.

Monday, September 15, 2008


No, I haven't technically jumped into the LUSH-fanatics bandwagon, but I thought I'd try some of their products anyways. I'm getting frustrated with the facial care I had to force myself to switch to since the beginning of my pregnancy. The products that worked for me before contain ingredients that are not safe for the baby so this leaves me no choice but to look for something organic or something that didn't have anything that would harm my baby.

After about 2 months of using Rare Minerals facial cleanser, I still breakout and it's frustrating me big time. I looked up which products I could safely use while pregnant and thank goodness I came across LUSH.

LUSH are handmade cosmetics with mostly fresh organic ingredients though some products contain minimal synthetic ingredients as well. When you go to their website, they would show the exact ingredients they used for each product. Those in green font are the organic ingredients and those in black are the synthetic ones. The only thing I didn't like is that some of their products contain parabens. I didn't get it cuz a lot of manufacturers these days are trying to stay away from parabens and LUSH, as fresh and organic they seemed to be, still use these harmful ingredients (based off on some studies from UK).

As what I've understood, they're pretty popular in Canada and UK. I'm guessing they're gaining popularity in the US market too. Good thing we have a store not too far from where I live so I checked it out myself before I buy stuff online.

When we got into the store, I was overwhelmed with a lot of "goodies" all over the place. I love the smell of most of their products. Good thing I've already done my research so I know which items to look for and not get distracted with the other stuff I don't need.

So here are the items I was intending to get that day:

1) Angels on Bare Skin - cleanser & exfoliant
2) Breath of Fresh Air - toner
3) Gorgeous - moisturizer
4) Mask of Magnaminty - mask

However, I ended up with some more. Good thing though, I got some of them for free. People from the LUSH store give out samples especially if you're not sure what to get yet. It's the way to go for budget-conscious gals like me. The moisturizer that was intriguing me and has rave reviews all over costs $85 a bottle!!! Duh, who in their right minds would purchase that without trying it first if it works for them or not???? Craziness!!!

Anyhoo, I'd post my reviews on each product I've tried this weekend. I just started using them last week, so I want to make sure I have at least a week to have tried them before giving my share on how they work for me. So far, I'm loving Angels on Bare Skin and the body butter cream called Buffy :o)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weekend At The Lake

We took our dogs to the lake yesterday for some change in scenery. We decided to have some sort of a mini-picnic as well since we're bringing the dogs for a swim. 'Twas pretty warm and most campgrounds were fully occupied.

We had some fun, especially the "kiddos" :o) Here are some videos of Chewy & Skye having fun on the water :o)

Friday, September 5, 2008


It's 4am and I woke up finding myself crying. I dunno, suddenly, I feel so overwhelmed with things going on with my pregnancy and the responsibilities that come with it. I feel so scared, so unprepared. There's just so many things we have to think of. I'm scared that we would miss something and fail miserably on our new role as parents.

So just to get it out of my system, I just want to babble about the things that are running on my mind that makes me worry a lot. So here goes... in no particular order:

1) Unlike other couples I know, hubby and I are far from our respective families. So I feel like we have to face the challenges of being new parents on our own, with no guidance nor help from them. Plus we don't have that much friends around as well. I'm scared that nobody's going to be here to help us when the baby comes. No maids to do household chores, no yaya's, no lolos and lolas to help us at all. Plus it's stressing me out that me and my mom had a huge fight a few weeks ago and we haven't really settled our differences just yet (I'm going to blog more about this in another entry). Basta bottomline, hubby and I wouldn't be able to count on our respective families to help us out. We're on our own, pretty much. This really makes me sad sad sad.

2) The other day we went to Babies R Us just to kinda get a feel on what are the basic things we and our baby would be needing. Just so we can plan ahead how much we should be saving up so we can buy them before the baby comes - and they're definitely not cheap. Some friends were able to survive with hand-me-downs, which I wouldn't mind as well. However, as what I've mentioned, we don't have our families with us and we only have a few friends so I don't think there's anybody who would be able to share their old baby stuff with us. That means, we just really have to plan to buy everything the baby needs.

3) It's hard to survive here with just 1 income. Both hubby and I have to work so we can pay off the bills, etc. Even if I am entitled for a 6-week maternity leave, my employer would only cover 65% of my salary. You see, my salary is divided to pay off the mortgage, the rest goes to our retirement savings and home improvement budget. That means we have to figure out a way to cover for the 35% that we would be losing when I take my maternity leave. And oh, day care is uber expensive. Last time I checked, it's about $200 a week and could be more expensive for babies less than 6 months old. Plus the fact that I know it's not going to be easy to just let some stranger from day care to take care of our baby, I mean, come on... I was raised having my mom taking care of me and my siblings. I really would love to be a SAHM for a few months and be able to breastfeed but by looking at our current situation, it's very unlikely we could afford for me to stay at home longer than I would have wanted to. I really think that moms & moms-to-be who have a choice to stay at home and could afford it are very very very lucky and blessed.

4) What if there's something wrong with our baby (God forbid) when he/she comes? How would I be able to handle that? Would I be able to accept and love our baby as he/she deserves despite of his/her fate? Am I ready for this kind of challenge? (Oh God, please please please, bless us all expecting mothers to have normal, healthy babies, please Jesus).

5) How are we going to take care of our baby and our 2 dogs????? I'm worried that I wouldn't be able to give them the love and attention they need. When the baby comes, I know I still gotta to walk them plus I would breastfeed and pump milk during the day, plus I have to go to work!!!!!! And no, we are not going to give up our dogs because when we adopted them, we've made a commitment to take care of them thru their lifetime. Would I be able to balance all these responsibilities? What about my role as a wife?

6) Hubby is just sooo cool and very laid back with everything and it irritates the heck out of me. No, I don't want him to panic but I just feel that I plan things ahead more than he does and I hate it!!!!

Haaaaayyyyy.... I guess I just have to have more Faith... I wonder if I'm just making a big fuss out of all these...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I Like Her...


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