Tuesday, August 5, 2008

We're Downsizing!

I heard from my newly-parents friends that their lives had completely changed since they've had kids. Apparently, most parents & parents-to-be began to live their lives completely revolving around their little ones. I really find this disheartening though. I thought when our turn comes, we'd be different. We'd still make sure we'd balance our roles so parenthood wouldn't get too overwhelming.


However, it's just been a few weeks since we've found out about our "Little Bebe" but it looks to me that most of our weekends were already occupied preparing for the coming of the little squirt. We re-arranged our bedroom, got rid of our huge boob tube so we can have space for the baby's crib. We also started cleaning up the other bedroom so we can start working on the nursery. So the latest thing we decided to pursue these days is to sell our 3-year old suede sofa set to make room for a smaller set.

Our house is pretty small and the furniture we currently have were purchased back when we were still renting a house - a much much bigger house. So we knew that eventually, we'd have to let go of our old ones and get a new set of furniture that would fit into our smaller house. Now is the right time to sell them.

Good thing through the years, I've learned to detach myself from any material things, hence I don't have that much emotional attachments to any "stuff" I know I wouldn't keep forever. Hubby is the one having a hard time letting go for some reason, hahaha :o) He's a pack rat kinda guy which irritates me to my guts these days.

Anyways, as we say bye-bye to our old living room set, we would like to welcome the new one - smaller, easier to clean, kids and pet friendly :o) I'm one happy camper!


popcorn said...

Hi Berns,

Hubby and I are pack rats too, it's so so hard to let go of things. Ayan, ang gulo tuloy sa bahay :)

Good luck with your baby preparations!


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