Sunday, August 31, 2008

One BBQ Weekend & Then Some

Sweeps and I invited a few friends to come over since hubby is itching to have some Pinoy BBQ get together. Too bad a couple of our friends were sick so we decided to just move the get together tomorrow - Labor Day.

Anyhoo, since we already worked hard to marinade the perfect Pinoy BBQ, we decided to try a few skewers and see how they would taste for tomorrow's "event" :o)

I also found some Pinoy hotdogs from the Asian store near our place so we decided to grill some hotdogs as well. I don't normally eat American hotdogs since they're too salty for me. Nothing beats our tender juicy hotdog from Pinas talga :o)

The BBQ turned out really good. At least we know when our friends come over tomorrow, hindi kami mapapahiya (we wouldn't be embarassed) since it's our first time to grill Pinoy BBQ :o)

we marinate the pork butt overnight

skewers were soaked in water for 30 minutes before we thread the pork

hubby sporting a bushy hair (needs a haircut badly!). he prefers charcoal grills than gas or electric so he's happy with the cheap $25 bucks grill from walmart, haha :o)

feeling the role of being the cook for the day :o) what's up with guys and bbq's?

pork bbq with pinoy hotdogs on the grill

turned out really good, tender and moist. good job my sweeps!

Before grilling, hubby and I went to look for some bargains at the mall. We found out that Linens and Things are closing their stores countrywide so we thought they might have some sale going on. Good thing we went and checked it out. We finally got some Cephalon cookware we've been wanting to get for the longest time but they're too pricey. We got some omellette pans and a wok since those are the only 2 we're missing from the anonized non-stick set.

We also got some comfy shoes. Yep, finally, I got my hubby to buy some shoes for himself cuz he's the typical guy who's just happy with 4 pairs (3 casuals and 1 formal). Of course, I got a few comfy cutesies as well which are both on sale from Nordstrom Rack :o) See, my feet and legs get sore really fast these days so I really needed some comfy shoes especially that I walk a lot (yeah, yeah, yeah, some more justification, ha!)

So there goes our Sunday, Happy Labor's Day everyone!!!

PS. Dang, it's September already?????


popcorn said...

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

I miss Purefoods' Tender Juicy Hotdogs too, I grew up on those :P

Gracie said...

hi berns,
nakakatakam naman ang BBQ nyo. buti na lang may Purefood TJ hotdogs dito. iba talaga ang taste nya, di ba? it's can tell :)

flowerdrumsong said...

wahhhh... we dont have purefoods here!!! :( but the food looked absolutely yummy!!!! hope things are great with you girl!

Surfergirl said...

hi berns! sarap naman ng barbeque nyo! im back nga pala. had a grand time! ung adventures ko nasa wordpress blog ko :)
and kakatawa naman your hubby is like my zk, paulit ulit suot yung favorite shoes (and clothes in zk's case). i have to use brute force to buy new ones!


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