Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mommy Diaries #3

Hi sweetie,

Daddy and I are so relieved seeing you for the 2nd time, growing steadily inside mommy's tummy. Plus we can't contain our excitement as checkup#2 with the Dr is when we were hoping to finally get to hear your heartbeat.

The Dr had to put some gooey and jelly-like substance on mommy's tummy for the doppler. This is the instrument they use that could magnify the sound of your heartbeat so we could all hear it. However, we're guessing it's because you're still too small that's why we didn't hear the swooshing sound of your heart. Both mommy and daddy were worried but good thing the Dr reassured us that you're A-ok. He took the sonogram instead and had an ultrasound so we can see you and check your heartbeat. Imagine the smile on our faces when we saw you sleeping steadily and that teeny heart of yours beating and flickering on the screen. Boy, you've grown bigger sweetie!!! We're sooo happy everything looking good with you at 11 weeks and 2 days!

The only concern the doctor has is that mommy's blood pressure is going up a bit. Maybe because during our vacation last week, we've been eating some less healthier food than normal. The doc said that we have to keep track of it or else they would have to prescribe some blood pressure meds. There's definitely no way mommy's going to take any meds while you're inside her tummy so we just gotta exercise some more and eat healthier food.

Anyhoo, mommy's going to do her best to eat right so you can get the nutrition you need to help you grow stronger and bigger. So no going out for mommy and daddy, everything's going to be home cooked meal from now on, ok?

Know that we love you and we can't wait to meet you. We have longways before that... but for the meantime, let us cherish and enjoy this stage with you.

mommy and daddy


Gracie said...

aaawww...your messages to your bebe keep getting sweeter and sweeter :) i'm sure your little one will be happy to read all these messages when he/she gets older.

take care, berns! and yes, do eat healthy food na ha. no matter how tempting it is, promise me you're not gonna give in to the temptation of dining out, ok?

Crinklynose said...

sis, super thanks :o) yeah, been really good at sticking with my promise to eat home cooked meals :o) though kelangan lawakan yung recipe list, hahaha :o) it's alright, it's for the good of the little tyke :o)

hope things are doing great with you.

take care & much hugs!!


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