Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mommy Diaries #2

Hello our Little Bebe!

How did you like the Maroon 5 song yesterday sweetie? I was engrossed into listening and I thought I'd share with you what was making me wanna dance to the groove yesterday :o) I hope the ipod's earphone was good enough for you to hear the songs. Maybe next time I'd use a head phone instead :o)

Daddy didn't seem to be too happy with the choice of songs I'm making you listen to. He said he already found some classical music that I could download to my ipod. These kinda music might make me fall asleep at work though, hahaha. But it's ok, let's see if you're going to like any of them :o) They're good for us cuz there had been some studies before linking classical music with sharper brain functions.

Did you get scared when daddy started tapping mommy's tummy and playing some rhythm kinda like drum sounds? Yeah, I thought so too, but I just want you to know that he has the best intentions for doing that. He said that at this stage, he'd want you to become more familiar with music and what rhythm is like as mommy seemed to miss that aspect so she's not too coordinated with her moves, hahah :o)

You're dad is awesome with music and he's a natural dancer, so I hope you'd get the same talent from him :o)

We can't wait to see you in our next ultrasound scheduled Monday next week!!!

Mommy & Daddy

PS: I'm glad you liked the sinigang and ginisang monggo. Your dad hate those.



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