Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mommy Diaries #1

Ok, so I decided it would be nice to document our journey to parenthood. Just so by the time our Little Bebe grows up and could already read, he/she would have some idea what joys and challenges we have to go through to welcome him/her to our world :o)

It would be neat to have a separate blog for the whole journey but I know I'd just be setting myself up for failure if I do that. Maintaining a single blog is already a manifold of effort from my end let alone bringing up another one.

So to our Little Bebe, hope that this would help a bit to manifest how much of an impact you've had in our lives the moment we found out we're having you :o)

Lemme start off with what had happened yesterday...

08.09.08 - Mommy Diaries #1

1) Mommy realized that Little Bebe didn't like orange juice as much as she does. I had to throw up 3x yesterday before I figured out that it was the mighty OJ that's causing my sudden retaliation with whatever food I used to be able to keep down. Hmmm, what's up with OJ sweetie? It's good for us both, rich in Calcium and Vitamin C. I guess I can't complain as I don't fully own my body now - now that I share it with you. We have to have some good teamwork so both of us would be happy and healthy as we go through all these changes together.

2) Daddy came back home from his DJ gig late last night and had to eat some left-over we had last Friday from that Mongolian place. Remember, we were both enjoying it at the restaurant? What I didn't understand though was your sudden aversion with the fish cod smell when daddy heat up his food? We used to enjoy eating fish together. Now I'm not sure if I could still even try to eat any fish at all. I'm scared that you end up not liking it and I had to purge everything. You see sweetie, mommy doesn't like having to hug the toilet bowl for the amount of food I had to throw up everytime you didn't like any of it.

Thank goodness you still like the smell of raspberry scented candle. Made mommy sleep soundly through the night as it overpowered the pungent aroma of daddy's dinner.

So there sweetie, daddy and I are going to update this every so often so you have some memories of what the 3 of us had to go through as you become bigger inside mommy's tummy. We love you sweetie, be nice ok?


Gracie said...

this entry is so cute and funny, berns! i can't help but laugh at how you've shared your experiences with the nausea and barfing.
don't worry, it will get better soon :)
gentle hugs for you & the little bebe

popcorn said...

Hi Berns,

I think it's a wonderful idea to keep a journal of your thoughts as your bebe's life starts developing within yours.

Have an award for you :)


QT said...

this is so sweet! i guess this is just normal for the first trim. hope it gets better soon. take care!!

Crinklynose said...

thanks gals!!!

naku, super late nag kick-in yung prego symptoms. they said usually after the first trimester, wala nang nausea and/or morning sickness. kung kelan pa almost 11 weeks na kami, dun pa lang nag kick in.

take care gals and hope you enjoy your week!



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