Monday, August 18, 2008

Left My Heart In San Francisco

After enjoying 4 days of awesome weather in the Bay Area, hubby and I are back to reality that we do live in Arizona where temperature is just so hot hot hot.

Anyhoo, we were at the Bay Area since Thursday last week and came back last night. We went to San Jose, San Francisco, Sacramento, Napa/Sonoma, Fairfield. We could have drove further south (Monterey & Santa Cruz) but with the itenerary that we have, it's more practical for us to stay up north.

There were a few interesting places I would like to visit in San Francisco but it was just too dang foggy during the day we allotted for it. Maaan... I wonder when would we ever go back there?

Aside from sight-seeing and visiting some dear ones, I could say that eating Filipino food is one of our agenda so lemme post some pics of what Pinoy dishes we tried while we were there. I haven't uploaded the pics in Facebook yet, so nothing to show here until I get it done. So here goes the yummy food I've been craving for the past few days. We ate from Max's and Jollibee. These food were from Max's. We were super hungry when we got to Jollibee, we forgot to take pictures before gorging the palabok and chicken joy, ha!

We were supposed to go further down in Milpitas area where they have Barrio Fiesta since I want to try their uber tasty kare-kare. However, we ran out of time so we just returned back to Max's (at the 11th hour before our flight back to Phoenix) which is closer to the airport to eat kare-kare. It's still good, but nothing compares to the kare-kare from Barrio Fiesta. Oh well, maybe next time :o)

jollibee along downtown san francisco

max's philippines in south san francisco

fresh lumpia from max's - day 2 dinner

half fried chicken from max's (sarap to the bones!) - day 2 dinner

shrimp fried rice from max's - day 2 dinner

kare kare - day 4 dinner (1.5 hrs before our flight)

alamang for the kare kare - day 4 dinner


QT said...

i hate your pictures! they made me really hungry and envious! hahahaha! kakamiss! but take it easy ok, para your blood pressure won't shoot up anymore. take care!


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