Saturday, August 23, 2008

How to Deal with Dogs Having Diarrhea

Our Chewy has the most sensitive stomach there is and ever since we adopted him more than a year ago, he had to go through bouts of diarrhea about 4x already. So as you can imagine, by this time, I already know what I need to do so he could recover a bit faster - without having to bring him to the vet.

This is just some home remedy I want to share with dog owners out there but I want to make it clear that if your pet doesn't get better after 24 hours, you may need to bring him to the vet, pronto!

So here's the step by step process I would normally do the moment I find out that my dogs' stomach are acting funny and their poop's a bit mushy and all.

1) Feed your pet with a combination of cooked white rice (basmati or jasmine), boiled boneless chicken breast (no salt, just plain boiled chicken) and a dollop of yogurt (I know, sounds gross, but yogurt or any probiotics would help ease their stomach).

plain white rice + shredded boiled chicken breast

plain, fat-free yogurt only. other flavors might have too much sugar.

dollop of yogurt

2) Make sure you spread of the amount of food you normally give them at a time. Example, if you feed them with 1 cup of kibble 2x a day, just feed them half a cup of the rice & chicken mixture and spread his 2 cups throughout the day (feed them half a cup 4x instead of 1 cup, 2x a day). Does this make any sense?

3) For every 50lb body weight, give them half a tablet of chewable Pepto Bismol every 6 hours within the next 24 hours. You have to be a bit sneaky so they could eat this tablet. In my case, I had to hide it inside a small piece of bread and put it on Chewy's bowl with his chicken & rice wet poopy diet and it never fails every time.

4) If your dog doesn't get better after 24 hours, please bring him to the vet. Don't give him any more Pepto Bismol after 24 hours.

5) If your dog shows some improvement the next day, continue to give him this diet for the next couple of days until you see his poop getting firmer. Then slowly add back his kibble with this diet until you can fully bring him to eat his kibble as is.

mix them all up, gross but good for their upset stomach

6) Here's a short video of my dogs eating this diet. Chewy had firm poop for the past few days already so I gave him the chicken & rice diet plus a bit of his kibble. Tomorrow, I'm going to start giving him 80% kibble and 20% rice until I can fully give him 100% kibble.

You might be wondering how come I'm giving Skye the same diet. I know cuz my husband was asking me the same question. It's because chicken and rice smells better for dogs and I didn't want Skye to think that Chewy is eating better food than she is. So whenever one of them gets sick and I had to feed this diet, I gotta make sure I give them both to avoid jealousy. Am I weird or am I weird? (*wink*)


popcorn said...

Gosh! How did you ever train your dogs to be that obedient ? Ang galing!


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