Sunday, August 3, 2008

How I Told My Hubby We're Expecting

A few of my friends had been asking me how I told hubby when I found out we're pregnant. Hmmm, I thought it's time to blog about it and satisfy their curiosity :o)

For the past week or so, I've been having a very bad PMS. I don't usually get bothered by cramps before my period but this time it felt a bit different. But still, I'm expecting it anytime. I was a bit bummed because I kept on cancelling my skating trails class since I was waiting for my period to come. My friend Emily, at the same time, was bugging me to continue our usual stair climbing during lunch but I kept on telling her I just can't because I was having this weird PMS. She told me I should check at home cuz I might be pregnant. I laughed. No way!!!!

The next morning, I was up at 4am. I thought, oh well, let me just pee on the stick to just get it over with. I was sooo sure I'd get a negative reading anyways. Afterall, I was having PMS, so I know I'd be getting my period soon.

So I was happily waiting for the result while hubby was totally zonked. Then the moment of truth came - PREGNANT. I was like "no way, no way no way!!!" Too bad I only had 1 stick left so I have no other way to test again until I buy another box. Dang.

I remembered a friend of mine told me before that once it says "PREGNANT", it's 100% sure you are.

So I was thinking what would be the best way to tell hubby??? I mean, it's just a bit after 4am and I couldn't wait any longer to keep this to myself, haller???!!

So I quickly found an old gift box (still with a bow stuck on it) and wrote a note and put it inside the box along with the home pregnancy stick I used (hey, I made sure it was totally clean and I put the cap back on, ha!). Then I woke hubby up. He's like "What's going on?". I told him I have a surprise for him and that I couldn't wait. Then quickly I gave him his glasses and the "box".

He opened it and the first thing that came out of his mouth was "NO WAY!!!!" I was like "YES WAY!" Then he hugged and kissed me and we talked a bit on when to tell our family and such. For some reason we started addressing the kiddo, "Little Bebe". Well, partly because we addressed Chewy & Skye as "Fat Bebe" & "Ugly Bebe", respectively so naturally, our terms of endearment to the new addition to our family has got to have the word "Bebe" and some adjective before that. Hahaha! Then we both went back to bed :o)

So there, that's the story of how hubby got to know :o)


Gracie said...

berns, you're so creative talaga! :)

congratulations again, sweetie & praying for your healthy pregnancy.


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