Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Fat and the Ugly

Presenting... the Fat Bebe (our sweet giant tri-colored Chewy) and the Ugly Bebe (our smart, rambunctious pitch black Skye)!

These kiddos never fail to make us laugh every single day. I dunno how in the world could their ex-owners (we adopted them) give them up just like that.

They're exactly the opposite of each other's characters so imagine how animated our lives are with them. Chewy being the sweet, gentle, please-give-me-a-hug kinda guy and Skye being the oh-i-wanna-play-i-wanna-play-i-wanna-play kinda girl. Ha!

But nevertheless, they're a bunch of sweethearts who we love so dearly :o)

I think they know I was taking their pics so they're posing a bit.

Sorry for the grainy pics, I was playing with my G9's different ISO levels.


Gracie said...

uy, kakagigil naman ang mga bebes nyo! parang ang sarap-sarap yakapin!! i miss our dogs tuloy *sniff!*

aslee nino said...

hey ang cute cute naman nila! =) so huggables hehe! nga pla, where do u stay in d US?


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