Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ping Pong Tournament

About a month ago, I couldn't care less about this sport they call ping-pong. I remembered holding a paddle some years ago, but I just didn't like the sport so I didn't have the motivation to learn at all.

Recently, our company launched it's first International Ping-Pong tournament. Meaning, all sites (US, Malaysia, Israel, Germany, China, etc) will hold their respective tournament with different entry levels. When I came back from my vacation, my friends at work were so hooked up with this sport (we have a recreation area in the office where we have 2 ping-pong tables, foosball, darts, etc) that almost every afternoon, they go to th
e rec area and play.

Emily, one of my good friends, even signed me up for the women's singles beginners entry. Well, there's just 4 gals who signed up anyways so I thought there's no harm trying. After all, it's kinda related to badminton so I figured it wouldn't be too difficult to learn it plus I get a free shirt when I sign up :o)

So to cut the story short, this week is the beginning of the tournament and today is my first singles game - against my friend Emily. I must admit, I too, got hooked up. So even after work, I tag hubby along with me and we play a few hours for the past few weeks.

It's best of 5 of 11 points. Emily invited all our co-workers from our group to watch our game. I feel it's going to be too awkward playing with spectators around us and could be very distracting for me. Since Emily's pretty good, I didn't think there's a chance for me to win so I just played it cool.

Who would have guessed that my husband's patience building up my confidence by always playing with me whenever he has a chance would have paid off??? I won today's game 3-0!!! Yep, lemme repeat that ladies and gentlemen, I won the game!!! That means I'd advance to the championship this Friday against this Chinese lady who I heard is super good at it (tell me if there's one Chinese who doesn't excel in either ping-pong or badminton???)

Anyways, I'm so excited. Moreso since I think I
won because of the lucky charm inside my tummy :P I was talking to the little squirt before the game started and I told him/her that we're just going to have fun playing so win or lose, the ultimate goal is to have fun. And yep, we sure did :o)

I also took some pics of what's inside the recreation hall aside from the pingpong tables:



Isn't it fun? We're just waiting for the Wii to come so there's additional fun activity we can do during break time :o)


Gracie said...

wow, mabrook! next time, join raffles naman. they say women are very lucky when they’re pregnant :)

seriously, siguro you played well naman….3-0 ang score eh! goodluck on the championship game!

aslee nino said...

halu halu! if you have time po, im tagging u :)



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