Tuesday, July 29, 2008

One Friday Afternoon

I got my stuff done early last Friday so after lunch time, I was pretty much just chillin' out at work.

After about an hour of serious ping pong action, I was ready to pack up and leave. However, I bump into a few officemates who are into something - they were working on messing up the cubicle of this guy coming from his 2 month sabbatical, ha! :o)

This is a tradition we carried over even after our Intel Corp days that whenever someone comes back after their sabbatical, their peers would kinda mess up the cubicle to "welcome" him back :o) Last time, I remembered, we took all of this guy's office stuff in his cube (as in everything including his computer, LCD's, books, chairs, phone, awards, etc) and left his cube as bare as a baby's bottom :o) Hahaa! Then another guy's cube was turned into a sticker-nation. We all bought stickers and before we knew it, we have every inch of his cube full of stickers, hahah. Imagine his horror when he came back and had to remove each and every sticker in his cube!! Soooo funny!! I tell you, there's a lot more "cube messing up" fun we did through the years. Crazy, but I really think it builds up the group's camaraderie somehow :o)

So this time, a few guys cooked up some plan to "welcome back" this guy from his long vacation (whose cube is just across mine). So if you're curious as to what we've done, here are some pictures to kinda help justify what transpired that Friday afternoon :o)

It's pretty funny how we all pulled this off. Some folks stayed in one of the labs to blow some 300 something balloons with the air compressor. Oh believe me, after countless balloons popping, I was just jumpy the rest of the afternoon, hahaha :o) Some of us taped the saran wrap around the cubicle entrance and I added those pink ribbons hanging by the side of the cubicle's wall, haha. Fun fun fun!!!


QT said...

that is so fun, girl! im sure that guy will appreciate the effort.

Gracie said...

how creative! shows how much you missed him, eh :)

popcorn said...


Ang saya naman sa office nyo ;)


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