Saturday, July 12, 2008

Lucky Lucky Lucky Charm

I really think we're being more blessed these days. It's just that small nice things are happening lately that I've never anticipated ever since we found out about our little bebe :o)

Well for starters, I won 2 medals during our company's ping-pong tournament. I got a gold in women's singles and a silver in the doubles (both under beginners entry). For the life of me, I never ever thought I'd do good in table tennis at all!!! Promise!!! Don't get me wrong, I kinda like the sport, but it's not the same as how I used to love badminton nor I didn't have the same passion as I have whenever I skate.

I didn't sign up for doubles but I had to sub for my friend Emily on her doubles match because she had some foot problems that day. Since I played for her, she decided to totally back-out and asked me to replace her for the rest of the tourney since it's going to be unfair for everyone if she comes back and re-join. So her doubles partner B and I got the silver medal for this category.

Then we had a raffle contest after which. It's not a big of a deal cuz the price is just some leftover shirts (which I already have since I joined the tourney). Well, what do you know... they called my number so I got one of the shirts :o) Of course, it's just a bonus I got a shirt for hubby that matches mine :o)

One more surprise though. Our company will be joining the upcoming T4 (Table Tennis Technology Tournament) this fall where most semiconductor companies around the valley are going to participate in (Intel, Motorolla, Freescale, HoneyWell, etc) so the tournament committee chose the top 8 players to represent our company. Since I won the womens singles, I was one of those who were chosen - whoah!! I know!!! Last time I was in a tourney I was in tip top shape and I have my own badminton coach!!! Now I have a growing belly, always sleepy and hungry and I'm going to join a real tournament??! How funny is that?

I was telling one of my friends that I could already be showing around that time but heck, I'm still playing :o) Who knows, some opponents might be a little nicer to pregnant women, heheeeee :o)

On top of the medals, we got movie tickets as our prizes for the tourney... so after work, hubby and I went off to see Hancock - which of course is funny and very different from regular super hero movies. I love Will Smith... this movie of his is not an exemption for me :o)

I just feel extra blessed this week. I really believe that little bebe is our lucky charm :o)


Gracie said...

wow, congratulations, Berns! i’m sure you won because you’re good, not because of sheer luck.

anyway, just enjoy all the perks that come with pregnancy. keep safe!


QT said...

congratulations! tama si gracie. pero sabi din nila, super lucky din talga pag preggy. d ba, nice combi? skills and luck combined =D

popcorn said...

Hi Berns, ganda nung medal ah :)




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