Friday, July 18, 2008

Holy Cow, I Could Eat a Horse!!!!

One of the most common change a pregnant woman notices in the early stage of gestation is her eating habits. It's different for every mum-to-be --- sometimes we can't eat cuz of nausea, morning sickness, etc. Then there are times when we feel extremely hungry that there's nothing could get on our way for that bite of pizza or whatsoever.

So this week, there were 2 occasions when I thought I'd die if I don't get to eat right away, as in pronto! I was hungry it felt like I didn't eat for months!!!! I could have sworn I've never felt this hungry in my life before!

First time was after a few hours of playing table tennis. It's about 5pm and goodness, the hunger pangs attacked and I can't find anything to munch on. Literally, I was panicking!! Hubby called up to tell me he's on his way. I told him I can't wait anymore I just got to go somewhere along the way and grab something to eat. I was craving for some mexican rice and roasted chicken so the first thing that came to my mind was Pollo Loco. There's one along the way, so I just asked hubby to meet me there cuz I'm dang hungry already!

This never ever happened to me before!!!

The 2nd instance happened just a few minutes ago. Goodness. It's just 3 hrs after lunch and I could hear my stomach complaining. I didn't want to eat anything from the vending machine so off I went to the office break room to check if there's any leftover breakfast bagels or whatnots. Lucky me, there's 1 regular bagel left. I immediately took it, sliced it in half, put in the toaster, slather it with cream cheese and finished the whole thing under 10 minutes time streak.


And I'm not even a fan of bagels unless they're wheat.

Oh well, I guess this is part of my pregnancy journey I gotta get used to.

I don't wanna get too big though, promise, I wanna look like one of those cute preggo's from the Fit Pregnancy magazine....

Waaahhh... "little bebe", please don't make mommy gain a lot of weight, pleaseeeeee sweetie???



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