Tuesday, July 29, 2008

One Friday Afternoon

I got my stuff done early last Friday so after lunch time, I was pretty much just chillin' out at work.

After about an hour of serious ping pong action, I was ready to pack up and leave. However, I bump into a few officemates who are into something - they were working on messing up the cubicle of this guy coming from his 2 month sabbatical, ha! :o)

This is a tradition we carried over even after our Intel Corp days that whenever someone comes back after their sabbatical, their peers would kinda mess up the cubicle to "welcome" him back :o) Last time, I remembered, we took all of this guy's office stuff in his cube (as in everything including his computer, LCD's, books, chairs, phone, awards, etc) and left his cube as bare as a baby's bottom :o) Hahaa! Then another guy's cube was turned into a sticker-nation. We all bought stickers and before we knew it, we have every inch of his cube full of stickers, hahah. Imagine his horror when he came back and had to remove each and every sticker in his cube!! Soooo funny!! I tell you, there's a lot more "cube messing up" fun we did through the years. Crazy, but I really think it builds up the group's camaraderie somehow :o)

So this time, a few guys cooked up some plan to "welcome back" this guy from his long vacation (whose cube is just across mine). So if you're curious as to what we've done, here are some pictures to kinda help justify what transpired that Friday afternoon :o)

It's pretty funny how we all pulled this off. Some folks stayed in one of the labs to blow some 300 something balloons with the air compressor. Oh believe me, after countless balloons popping, I was just jumpy the rest of the afternoon, hahaha :o) Some of us taped the saran wrap around the cubicle entrance and I added those pink ribbons hanging by the side of the cubicle's wall, haha. Fun fun fun!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Life Inside of Me

So teeny weeny our Little Bebe at 6 weeks & 4 days :o) It's really something seeing his heartbeat flicker on the screen --- for the first time! Hello our sweetie!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Hubby Meme

I was tagged by Aslee on this :o) Feel free to tag yourself if you find this interesting :o)

How long did you date? 8 months

How old is he? just turned 36

Who eats more? ha, good question - both :o)

Who said “I love you” first? hubby did :o)

Who is taller? same height

Who sings better? he does. i'm worst than cameron diaz from her role in "my best friend's wedding"

Who is smarter? he's street smart, i'm textbook smart

Whose temper is worse? me

Who does the laundry? me

Who does the dishes? both

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? me

Who pays the bills? both of us

Who cooks dinner? both of us

Who drives when you are together? hubby

Who is more stubborn? me

Who kissed who first? me :o) ang bagal ni hubby e :o)

Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? tough question. let's just say he's the one who makes "suyo" first

Whose parents do you see the most? mine

Who proposed? he did

Who is more sensitive? me

Who has more friends? uhmmm, excluding virtual friends, he has more

Who has more siblings? me

Who wears the pants in the family? he does.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Holy Cow, I Could Eat a Horse!!!!

One of the most common change a pregnant woman notices in the early stage of gestation is her eating habits. It's different for every mum-to-be --- sometimes we can't eat cuz of nausea, morning sickness, etc. Then there are times when we feel extremely hungry that there's nothing could get on our way for that bite of pizza or whatsoever.

So this week, there were 2 occasions when I thought I'd die if I don't get to eat right away, as in pronto! I was hungry it felt like I didn't eat for months!!!! I could have sworn I've never felt this hungry in my life before!

First time was after a few hours of playing table tennis. It's about 5pm and goodness, the hunger pangs attacked and I can't find anything to munch on. Literally, I was panicking!! Hubby called up to tell me he's on his way. I told him I can't wait anymore I just got to go somewhere along the way and grab something to eat. I was craving for some mexican rice and roasted chicken so the first thing that came to my mind was Pollo Loco. There's one along the way, so I just asked hubby to meet me there cuz I'm dang hungry already!

This never ever happened to me before!!!

The 2nd instance happened just a few minutes ago. Goodness. It's just 3 hrs after lunch and I could hear my stomach complaining. I didn't want to eat anything from the vending machine so off I went to the office break room to check if there's any leftover breakfast bagels or whatnots. Lucky me, there's 1 regular bagel left. I immediately took it, sliced it in half, put in the toaster, slather it with cream cheese and finished the whole thing under 10 minutes time streak.


And I'm not even a fan of bagels unless they're wheat.

Oh well, I guess this is part of my pregnancy journey I gotta get used to.

I don't wanna get too big though, promise, I wanna look like one of those cute preggo's from the Fit Pregnancy magazine....

Waaahhh... "little bebe", please don't make mommy gain a lot of weight, pleaseeeeee sweetie???

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Lucky Lucky Lucky Charm

I really think we're being more blessed these days. It's just that small nice things are happening lately that I've never anticipated ever since we found out about our little bebe :o)

Well for starters, I won 2 medals during our company's ping-pong tournament. I got a gold in women's singles and a silver in the doubles (both under beginners entry). For the life of me, I never ever thought I'd do good in table tennis at all!!! Promise!!! Don't get me wrong, I kinda like the sport, but it's not the same as how I used to love badminton nor I didn't have the same passion as I have whenever I skate.

I didn't sign up for doubles but I had to sub for my friend Emily on her doubles match because she had some foot problems that day. Since I played for her, she decided to totally back-out and asked me to replace her for the rest of the tourney since it's going to be unfair for everyone if she comes back and re-join. So her doubles partner B and I got the silver medal for this category.

Then we had a raffle contest after which. It's not a big of a deal cuz the price is just some leftover shirts (which I already have since I joined the tourney). Well, what do you know... they called my number so I got one of the shirts :o) Of course, it's just a bonus I got a shirt for hubby that matches mine :o)

One more surprise though. Our company will be joining the upcoming T4 (Table Tennis Technology Tournament) this fall where most semiconductor companies around the valley are going to participate in (Intel, Motorolla, Freescale, HoneyWell, etc) so the tournament committee chose the top 8 players to represent our company. Since I won the womens singles, I was one of those who were chosen - whoah!! I know!!! Last time I was in a tourney I was in tip top shape and I have my own badminton coach!!! Now I have a growing belly, always sleepy and hungry and I'm going to join a real tournament??! How funny is that?

I was telling one of my friends that I could already be showing around that time but heck, I'm still playing :o) Who knows, some opponents might be a little nicer to pregnant women, heheeeee :o)

On top of the medals, we got movie tickets as our prizes for the tourney... so after work, hubby and I went off to see Hancock - which of course is funny and very different from regular super hero movies. I love Will Smith... this movie of his is not an exemption for me :o)

I just feel extra blessed this week. I really believe that little bebe is our lucky charm :o)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ping Pong Tournament

About a month ago, I couldn't care less about this sport they call ping-pong. I remembered holding a paddle some years ago, but I just didn't like the sport so I didn't have the motivation to learn at all.

Recently, our company launched it's first International Ping-Pong tournament. Meaning, all sites (US, Malaysia, Israel, Germany, China, etc) will hold their respective tournament with different entry levels. When I came back from my vacation, my friends at work were so hooked up with this sport (we have a recreation area in the office where we have 2 ping-pong tables, foosball, darts, etc) that almost every afternoon, they go to th
e rec area and play.

Emily, one of my good friends, even signed me up for the women's singles beginners entry. Well, there's just 4 gals who signed up anyways so I thought there's no harm trying. After all, it's kinda related to badminton so I figured it wouldn't be too difficult to learn it plus I get a free shirt when I sign up :o)

So to cut the story short, this week is the beginning of the tournament and today is my first singles game - against my friend Emily. I must admit, I too, got hooked up. So even after work, I tag hubby along with me and we play a few hours for the past few weeks.

It's best of 5 of 11 points. Emily invited all our co-workers from our group to watch our game. I feel it's going to be too awkward playing with spectators around us and could be very distracting for me. Since Emily's pretty good, I didn't think there's a chance for me to win so I just played it cool.

Who would have guessed that my husband's patience building up my confidence by always playing with me whenever he has a chance would have paid off??? I won today's game 3-0!!! Yep, lemme repeat that ladies and gentlemen, I won the game!!! That means I'd advance to the championship this Friday against this Chinese lady who I heard is super good at it (tell me if there's one Chinese who doesn't excel in either ping-pong or badminton???)

Anyways, I'm so excited. Moreso since I think I
won because of the lucky charm inside my tummy :P I was talking to the little squirt before the game started and I told him/her that we're just going to have fun playing so win or lose, the ultimate goal is to have fun. And yep, we sure did :o)

I also took some pics of what's inside the recreation hall aside from the pingpong tables:



Isn't it fun? We're just waiting for the Wii to come so there's additional fun activity we can do during break time :o)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Stuff for the Little Squirt...

So the day after we found out about the little squirt, hubby got these stuff for me.

He borrowed some books from the library and this prenatal vitamins was suggested to us by one of our friends. Some women apparently, take prenatal vitamins even if they're not pregnant yet just so they could get their body ready when the time comes that they decide to get pregnant. Hmmm... I should have done that... but as what I've said, I didn't think we're going to get pregnant this soon...

I let hubby read the "What to Expect..." and I read the "Girlfriends Guide..." which I find very amusing :o) So we both get to be educated on the new roles & responsibilities we're going to have in a few months...

Still hasn't sunk into me just yet... that I'm gonna a mommy soon... whoah!

My Phil Vacation 2008

Before I forget, lemme share some photos we had during my recent visit to the Philippines.

It was my Papsy's 60th birthday as well as the little princess in the family who visited Pinas for the first time. We had a great great time since it's the first time my mom and dad had seen their one and only apo after 4 years...

Click to play Papsy & Aeya's Birthday
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Friday, July 4, 2008

Shifting Gears...

And I've always thought I am never ever a mommy material... I mean for someone who drools over electronic gadgets and puppies more than when she sees cutesy babies and little kids.... I guess this means it's time to shift gears! I'm scared... really really really scared (sorry "Little Bebe" but mommy is clueless of what's gonna happen...)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Do Dogs Dream???

You tell me what you think after you see our Chewy's video while he's in Lalaland :o)


I know there are times when I get too grumpy I become such a pain in the butt. I feel so bad for my hubby that he had to put up with me being b*tchy without any apparent reason...

So yesterday was just one of those days. I dunno exactly what happened but everything just seemed to be chaotic to me. Small things which didn't use to bother me suddenly looked like they're a pile of sh*t.

I didn't realize I was already raising my voice and feeling so irritated when hubby was only throwing in some conversation starters with me.

I am writing this because I didn't want to forget. I was so touched (and embarrassed at the same time of how I acted) that instead of being mad at me for my unacceptable behavior, hubby just sat down beside me, hugged me, kissed me on my forehead and started working on his remedy-for-a-grouchy-wife antics (this dude really know how to make me laugh like no other, promise!).

Then the dark clouds and thunderbolts on my head started to clear up... and I felt so much better after a few more "boladas" :o)

Ahhhh, that's why the most important decision a girl could ever make in her lifetime is choosing the right husband...

I love my sweeps.

* photo courtesy of thecitizensjournalblog.blogspot.com

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