Thursday, June 12, 2008

On Smart Spending...

This is just insane!!!! We just spent $42.00 for a 10 gallon tankful of gas the other day!!! Daaaaaang!!!!

We used to just spend $25 for my old Subaru... whatever happened????

Hubby & I are trying to be smart spenders with the uncontrollable spike of fuel and grocery prices these days. So far, I guess both of us are doing pretty good at it. Here's a list of some accomplishments that we've had while pinching pennies.

1) I called up the bank and asked them to cancel the maintenance fee on our checking account :o) I've asked them several times before but I've not been successful until last week. Since the customer rep was easy to talk to, I was able to negotiate for them to waive the annual fee of my credit card as well, wooohoooo!!!

2) I paid in full one of two credit cards that I have. Though I don't owe that much, the fact that I'm maintaining two plastics drives me nuts! I was soooo close to get a pair of scissors and just cut them literally, however, I thought I'd just keep them somewhere I wouldn't see them right away. Now, I don't have any credit cards in my purse. After I pay up this last credit card, we'd be debt free (except the house mortgage)!!! Yahooo!!!!!!

3) I finally found the time to create a simple daily tracker of our spending. I was able to find an online money manager which is pretty easy to setup. With it, we know exactly where and how our monthly budget goes. I'm loving it so far.

4) I used to go back home for lunch. Now, I just stay in the office (since we have free lunch provided by the company) and scrounge some time to do some reading on personal finance books after. This saves me not only gas but lunch money as well :o)

5) I also was able to move my 401k (employer sponsored retirement account) that I left behind from my previous employer and rolled it over to an IRA (Individual Retirement Account) - thus the need for me to understand further what stocks/bonds/mutual funds I would want to invest them in.

6) Lastly, hubby and I were able to do something we've never done before --- walk to the grocery store instead of taking the car!!! Last Sunday, we must have walked 3 miles all in all to the local farmers market not too far away from our house. Not only did we save a bit of gas, we were able to bond on that 3-mile walk. It's definitely an accomplishment alright :o)


flowerdrumsong said...

Ugh, can relate on the high gas price but yay to you on doing the walk to the grocery thingy - gives you exercise, you save the earth by eliminating the emissions, and you save gas! Sweet!!! ;)

Gracie said...

i think everyone's doing the same thing these days - trying to save up. we make it a point to pay our credit cards in full, too para yung car loan lang ang debt namin. we're pretty lucky gas here is cheaper, but still, we try and save pa rin by making one trip for all errands then keep one day of the weekend at home lang.


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