Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Getting Thinner!!

I hope I could say it's me, but no no no, still as fat as ever :o(

I have tons of stories to tell since I got back from my uber short vacation to the Philippines. But for now, I'd post some pictures of the latest addition to my collection of interesting stuff from Uncle Steve (Jobs) :o)

Ladies and gentlemen! Presenting.... the Aluminum Keyboard for Macs... and yep, they're thin, skinny, sexy! :o)


the old keyboard

the new keyboard

side by side comparison


Gracie said...

wow! good choice! have you seen the other one - yung smaller, without the number keys sa right side? it's also cute, di ba? but i like yours 'cos its more user friendly.

Crinklynose said...

hi dearie! how are you doing???

yeah, i saw the smaller one, it's their wireless version so i really thought about getting it until i actually see it myself. it's cool looking but didn't have the extra 2 USB sockets built into it (which i happen to use a lot with my old keyboard and they still have them with new aluminum keyboard, thank goodness!) so that's the deal breaker for me :o)

will swing by your blog, havent been bloghopping that much since i came back from pinas... lotsa catching up to do :o) tc!


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