Saturday, April 5, 2008

Bad Case of the Runs...

Poor Chewy & Skye... they've been having diarrhea for the past several days :o( I was panic- stricken and must have scrounged every info on the web that I could find to try remedies at home.

They're not at all lethargic and they're still pretty active & playful so I don't want to bring them to the vet yet.

Now I know how my mom felt everytime our dogs at home get sick... oh maaaan...

This morning I got up and thought something smelled funny. I went outside to check the kiddos and true enough, I almost got sick with the strong smell coming from the living room. There I saw Chewy's mud-like poop on the floor. I got really mad at him, so I scolded him and made sure he knows he's not supposed to do that. By the look on his face, it seemed that he was sorry. I know it wasn't his fault but this is the 3rd time this week that he had this "accident" at night.

I'm really getting desperate and worried that there's more to it than just bouts of diarrhea. Last week, I gave him pepto-bismol for 2 days, it seemed liked it helped. I also stopped giving him dry kibbles, instead I cooked basmati rice and boiled chicken and peas so he's pretty much eating bland food.

When I saw Skye's kinda having runny poop as well, I started giving her the same bland diet. She seemed to get better after a day or two since her poop sorta cleared up. I still kept them on the bland food until last night when I run out of chicken. I thought maybe I should give them their regular food since both of them looked like they're doing better.

I should have known better. How can I be so stupid to give them regular food????

So this morning, I geared up with hubby's aero safety mask (yes, this picture you're seeing here) so I wouldn't have to inhale all the gut-flipping aroma while cleaning up the mess.

Then I realized, it was not just Chewy who had an "accident", Skye had her mess inside her kennel as well!!! Daaaaaannnngggggg!!! Her doggie bed was spoiled with poop all over... yaiiikkkkkssssssssssss!!!!!! So hubby ended up tossing out her bed by the trash outside our backyard.


In fairness this is the first time I didn't throw up while cleaning up after them. As embarrassing to admit it as it is, yes... I do get sick with their poop, but what can I do? Exactly the same reason why hubby always ends up picking up their poop from our yard cuz I just can't stand it. This time, I know I have to learn to do it on my own so I conditioned myself already. So I scooped them up like an expert - without throwing up this time! I guess the mask did help a lot!

Still panic-stricken, I called up the vet and asked them if they do fecal tests. I just want to make sure they're not having any parasites or some bacteria inside them. Good thing I can just drop off the sample without me having to bring the kiddos to their clinic. So I prep'd 2 sterilized bottles and took samples of their "droppings", sealed and wrap them up tightly and chilled them with ice packs and cubes. Then off I drove to the vet. I'll just have to wait for the lab results next week. I hope the results would turn out A-ok.

What a way to spend my Saturday morning...


Scott said...

Time to get to the vet. You may be dealing with worms, maybe not. But you need help in figuring this out - pronto!

Kerslyn said...

ohhh....we also have that experience with our pet cat before. a truly yaikssss.....but we don't have a choice. but pets are lovely though.


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