Monday, March 3, 2008

Almost Spring...

For the past few days, our weather had been really gorgeous --- from the mid to high 70's. I can actually go out without wearing any additional layer of clothing on top of my regular clothes. So what does that mean? It's almost spring!!! Wooohooo!

Though springtime doesn't seem to stay longer with us here in AZ (as after a few weeks, we'd shoot up to the 90's then the scorching 3-digit temperature starts to creep in), for what it's worth, I still looooove springtime!
So before winter officially bid us goodbye, lemme post some pics we took when we drove up to the mountains to savor a bit of that icy white-ish powdery stuff we don't normally see around the Valley of the Sun... whatchamacallit again? Ohh, yeah... snow ;o) Yep people, there's snow in Arizona, quite surprising isn't it?



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