Wednesday, March 12, 2008

About Babies & Kids

My good friend Dee, dropped me a note yesterday telling me about her good news - yep, they're pregnant! I'm just soooo happy for her and her hubby :o) They started trying last month and now they're soon to be parents!!! Super fast, like slam dunk right away!!! Can't be any happier for them :o)

There are times when I feel the pressure of having kids already... you know times like these when most of your friends are starting to have kids of their own and you begin to notice they have less and less time to chitchat with you, hahaa :o) Kinda makes you want to assess your priorities in life as well.

Sometimes I think I just feel like I wanted to have kids just because everyone is having one and our parents are getting older so I want them to enjoy their "apos" while they can. However, with our fast paced lifestyle, can we seriously seriously seriously have the "luxury" of having kids at all? Hmmmm.

We both come back home after work around 6pm-ish. By the time we eat dinner, it's almost 7pm. We gotta walk the 2 dogs, feed them, catch up with what happened for the day etc etc etc. By the time we're done, it's time to go yoga. I get to come back home 10pm-ish. Then take a shower & prepare what to eat for the next day, by the time we get all things done, it's almost midnight!!!

Sooooo, come on, tell me how in the world are we going to have kids with this kind of lifestyle?????????? Scary.


flowerdrumsong said...

I hear you, girl!!!! :)

flowerdrumsong said...

i hear ya, girl!!! :)

QT said...

we have the same sentiments! now pa lang without kids, we're having a hard time managing our time. so many things to do, so little time. magdadagdag pa ng mas mabigat na responsibilities. kaya lang, we're not getting any younger! kahit tayo, we might miss the chance of playing with our kids. hay! sana ganun lang kadali un no...

Gracie said...

amen to that, berns!

Crinklynose said...

heee yah, gals! yeah our generation is definitely different from that of our parents' huh? we girls have our own career to pursue and having kids is more of like an option for us, not merely a requirement :o)

i just pray sooo hard that if it's His will for us to have kids, i really hope it would come during the time that me & hubby are both ready... like ready ready ready... haha, whatever "being ready" means :o)

but while wala pa, let's all enjoy being wifey's to our hubbies until that day we all become mommies, haha :o)

tc gals! hugs!

popcorn said...

You'll manage :)

Hubby and I have the same fears, but hey, if other people can do it, why not us ? :)


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