Monday, March 3, 2008

4 Months After...

I got my Canon HV20 November last year. I love everything about it --- except the color (very trivial so it's not that bad).

Then recently, Canon debuted a new consumer video cam in the <$1000 category and named it Vixia HV30. Uhuh, correct, the successor of their HV20.
Now I'm thinking if I should have just waited... naaaah... it's ok. Not much of a difference from mine though but I really really love its classic black color...

From the pics below, you can see they compared the HV20 (silver) and HV30 (black) side by side. I'm turning green now cuz I really like the look of black, but it's ok :o) I recorded tons of video footages on my HV20 and I wouldn't have done that if I waited of their HV30.

* photos are not mine - courtesy of

As I am still learning its features, I always tend to look for videos that were captured using this cam. One of my favorites is this short clip I saw from youtube created with a cinematic look. Kinda neat actually.



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