Saturday, February 2, 2008

When and How did you know...

This is my answer to my online girlfriend Mec, who, in the spirit of the upcoming V-day, posted this question to her blog: "When & how did you know that you want to spend the rest of your life with your spouse? That he is THE ONE" :o)

Surprisingly, this is an easy question for me, ha! I've always remembered that moment that I knew he is the ONE... it was the first time I felt that the world around us stopped, and suddenly it was just me and him around hundreds of people. Cheesy, hahah!

It was New Year 2005. We were at the Tempe Townlake New Year party. They've had live bands - Smashmouth was there, Kelly Clarkson was there as well. It was a big crowd, everyone's waiting for the strike of the clock... then the countdown for the New Year began. Sweeps was standing behind me with his arms wrapped around my shoulders. Together with the crowd we were counting down... then the awesome fireworks started... he kissed me and the time stood still. For some reason, I just felt sooooooooo loved and safe with him. It was the most memorable New Year of my life.

I've always imagined myself watching fireworks with my boyfriend, I've always wanted to be in a rock band concert singing at the top of my lungs even if I can't carry a tune with my significant other & I've always wanted to spend the holidays with the guy that I love. All of these were realized in one night. I didn't even tell him about those secret "wanna's" of mine. He just made them happen for me. It was soooo intense I remembered wishing that night wouldn't end.

We were dating for a little over 5 months that New Year's eve. Then Feb 16, 2005 he asked me to marry him. March 28, 2005 I officially became Mrs John Goya :o) Ang bilis noh??

So there, that's how & when I knew the ONE finally found me ;o) Kinikilig pa rin ako everytime I think about it... hahaha :o)


Gracie said...

kakakilig talaga berns! :)

QT said...

sarap balik balikan d b? kakakilig nga! it's been awhile. hope you're all well, girl. take care always!

ruther said...

sweet! pero wala talaga sa tagal ng panahon ng pagsasama ang pag aasawa. when it's time, it's time ;)

Mec said...


hanlandi :D hangswit din :D


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