Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Hilarious Superbowl 42 Ads

I don't understand how football is being played so the only reason why I watch Superbowl every year is because of the 30 sec ads that come with it :o) Or else, I've got nothing to share in the office when people start talking about Superbowl, haha :o)

This year they had it here in Arizona, so for the past month, it felt that everyone has been preparing for the big SUPER day. With star studded parties, gorgeous people everywhere, everyone seemed to be thrilled. Most department stores would have a corner just for Superbowl 42 merchandise. Super neat!

Congrats to the Giants fans, it turned out to be exciting at the end of the last quarter. I couldn't imagine how the parents of the Manning brothers felt when both their sons won the MVP back to back for '07 & '08! Wow. Though I really like the Patriots' quarterback - the super hottie Tom Brady. Oh well, I don't care who won actually. I'm just happy seeing the ads :o)

Anyways, one of the ads that made me & hubby fall off our seats is the Doritos' Mouse Trap ad. I even voted for this as the 2nd quarter's best ad from MSNBC poll, heeheee :o)


ErinFiat said...

Hello :) Love your blog. I just saw your comments...sorry. Totally embarassed. Hope if your still doing it, that it's working. :)

I love your wedding page! You and your DH are a gorgeous couple.


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