Saturday, February 16, 2008


Since hubby is a big fan of "Peanuts" comic strip since he was little, I surprised him last night and took him to the local musical show of "You're A Good Man Charlie Brown". It's my v-day gift to him actually :o)

It turned out to be a good show, we both enjoyed it a lot :o) It's a remake of the original Broadway show back in the 60's. Snoopy was hilarious and Sally was witty and funny as well. I also like Lucy, she's the usual crabby gal who's infatuated with Shroeder, haha!

After the show, I now have a new additional feel good song in my playlist - Happiness :o)

Thank goodness to technology these days, converting Youtube flv's to mp3's is just a breeze. Though it took me forever to find a good software, but it's all worth it, haha :o)

I'm really happy happy happy happy happy!
"... for happiness is anyone or anything at all... that's loved by you..." --- Charlie Brown



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