Wednesday, February 13, 2008

All About L.O.V.E.

Happy V-day everyone! Thanks to my friends who swung by and left messages through my blog, Friendster and Facebook! Much love to you all!

I thought I'd blog this today just in time for the hearts day, haha :o)

Firstly, I would like to wish my sister and her ex-bf (now fiance) all the best for taking the next big step and are now engaged!!! Lotsa love goes to both of them as they've conquered a not-so-easy-long-distance relationship ---- one in Texas and the other one in Singapore. Kudos to George for going through the traditional Filipino courtship - from asking our parents' blessings first, then of course, the uber sweet proposal & finally, the "pamamanhikan". Everything well planned and executed!! I'm really impressed, good job!!! Also, thanks for agreeing to have the wedding ceremony in Pinas. It really meant so much for us especially our parents. Kudos man!

Ok, now my turn for some kilig moments, haha.

I came back home pretty late today cuz there's a lot of stuff going on at work. When I came back home, hubby asked me right away if I wanted my "gift" today or do I want to wait for tomorrow. I was like "HUH?" (Yep, ladies and gentlemen, I almost forgot it was almost V-day).

Hubby then escorted me to our bedroom and this was what greeted me :o)

So I must admit, it doesn't take much to amuse me. As long as I know he spent some time to plan on something, I'm happy with it :o) I really think it's sweet of him to go through the trouble to getting his little "surprise" for me :o) Plus not to mention, he got me an external hard drive which I've been wanting to get for myself for the longest time but I just didn't have the time to do so.

Feeling ko ang corny namin, heheee.

Anyways, since I've already started being mushy, might as well I'd let it out all the way. I thought I'd share some pics I took of how I said the "L" word to my hubby the first time :o)

Yep, I said the "L" word the first time through candles :o) Dang, corny ko talaga, haha :o)

Unlike our culture in the Phils where the couple would say ILU's to seal the deal of being exclusive to each other, it doesn't work the same way here. People here starts dating exclusively but they don't say ILU's to each other right away. When you say something like that, that means, you wanted to bring your relationship to the next level. Isn't it confusing?? Haha :o)

So it took me sometime to say ILU back to sweeps even after dating for a few months. When he said it for the first time, I was really stunned and I didn't know what to say. I didn't want to say it until I was sure that I really do love him. So when that time came that I was sure, I dunno how to say it without being awkward so I thought of the candle thingie. Feeling ko nag propose ako, haha :o)

I remembered we had dinner that time and I asked him to close his eyes. Then I lit the candles to reveal the "words" hiding on each candle jar. It's a bit tricky, I really made sure he wouldn't see the words until the candles were lit. So, I asked him to open his eyes and just waited if he would be able to notice the words on the jars :o) Cute noh?

Anyhoo, I didn't want to sound all too loveydovey now, I just thought I'd share this here :o) What about you folks, how did you say the "L" word the first time to your sweetie?

Hope everyone is having a blast with their special someone :o)


QT said...

that is so sweet!

Gracie said...

how creative - bet those candles melted his heart :)

Crinklynose said...

hi gurls... super duper thanks!!!

gracie dear, i sure hope they melt his heart... hahaa :o)



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