Saturday, January 26, 2008

What Else Could Make My Day?

On my way back from the mall, I swung by the bakery to get a banana loaf bread for hubby. Since it was almost closing time, I bought the last 2 from the shelf. The elderly guy who rang me in was bubbly and must have appreciated that instead of just buying a loaf, I got 2. He then asked me if I like chocolates... haha. I told him, of course I LOVE CHOCOLATES, who doesn't? :o) To my surprise he put a huge chocolate chip cookie inside the paper bag with the loaves of banana bread and told me "Here's a cookie for you and it's on me!" Cool beans! Super nice gesture from a total stranger... kinda warmed my heart and made my day today.

I can't wait to blog about it so there. BUT... I still have something that REALLY REALLY made my day... wanna guess????


Ann said...

sis, let me guess ... are you pregnant? =)

Crinklynose said...

haha, hi ann! loka, hindi noh! hindi yata ako mummy material (*wink*) heee.

umiral pagka geek ko na excite ako masyado sa 2 softwares that i got... heeheeee :o)

don't worry, if i get pregnant, i'd announce it to my blog the moment i find out about it, hahaa!

take care dearie! hugs!

Ann said...

ahahaha loka, anong hindi mommy material pinagsasabi mo diyan. lahat tayo mommy material, different packages lang hihihi.take care too sis mwah!

Gracie said...

sabi ko na nga ba e! great new loots! :) congrats sis!


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