Sunday, January 6, 2008

It's 2008!!!!

Happy 2008!!!!

Thanks to everyone who came by to leave a note and greeted me, really appreciate it :o) I know this is a bit late for a New Year post, lotsa things going on at work and at home so I don't get to check my blog as often as I used to :o(

Man, this is the 2nd year as married couple that we celebrated New Year without our family with us. I don't think I could ever get used to a very quiet New Year's eve. I terribly miss my family back home, it's just soooo different. We have a weird tradition of opening Christmas gifts on New Year's eve - right after the media noche, haha. So we're really used to a fun family gathering every new year.

Good thing hubby has a few Pinoy friends who invited us over for a small get together. Of course, it's not a real Pinoy celebration without videoke in the picture, haha. Gosh, if only I could sing, bummer. Hubby cannot sing as well HOWEVER, he still thinks he can. He would choose the fun & upbeat songs so people wouldn't get bored and they can sing along. I always always get embarassed whenever he sings and this video would prove why (I'm just so bad). However, I got used to people loving and enjoying the whole videoke experience the moment he gets hold of the mic so now I let him sing with the crowd, heheheee :o)

Yep, that's my hubby singing... and yep, I still love him to the core :o)


QT said...

hi berns! kakaaliw si hubby, iba ang fighting spirit! take care! =D

Crinklynose said...

hi che, i know, tell me about it, haha!! kakahiya kaso di ko naman mapigilan, heheee. so carry ko na lang :o)

how's your new year dearie?


Gracie said...

hi berns! your hubby has talent and guts. at least he's not too shy & knows how to entertain your guests :)

happy new year!


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