Saturday, January 19, 2008

Been Busy with this Video...

Sometime ago, one of my friends at work asked me to make a photomontage for her friend Niki's 40th birthday. Being a procrastinator, it took me 4 weekends to work on it so for the past month, my weekend was pretty much occupied putting this video together. Finally, I got my verdict yesterday from my friend. She and her friend's husband (who I've been coordinating with when it comes to getting all the pictures and some other info that I needed) saw the DVD and guess what was their reaction........ ha, I'd leave that to your imagination :o)

Niki's birthday party is set tonight and more than a hundred guests would be there. They rented a projector and screen and it's freaking me out a bit. It's the first time my video's going to be played in front of guests. Well, as long as the birthday girl would appreciate it then I would be the happiest frog leaping on my lilly pads. So after tonight, I guess I'd just have to wait and see :o)

I used similar, if not the same, templates I used to work on my previous videos. My main focus were the short funny scenes in between the photo "slides". I also got the comic strip idea (from the very beginning of the video) from Thet, my fellow blogger, who used this style on one of her wedding videos :o) Thanks missie! Some graphics I used I downloaded from Google 3d Warehouse. "Candy Girl" mp3 courtesy of Niki's hubby. All sound fx's were taken cared by my ever supportive hubby. I hate editing sound fx's and hubby used to work on this kinda stuff when he was a radio DJ back in Hawaii, so this comes super easy for him, plus the fact that this is something he enjoys doing. Hey, now that I think about it, isn't that cool?? Hubby and I really complement each other!!! Haha, I guess I have to save that for a different blog entry :o)

As of this writing, I haven't enabled the public setting for this video that's why embedding it here would only say "Video no longer available", but I created a secret link so I can share this with my friends. I don't want to fully publish it until Niki's party is over, which is tonight :o) So if you're interested how the photomontage looks like, you can view it HERE.

the dvd print i made for the video


ruther said...

wow...special mention pa fairness, the video was soOoOoOOooOOOOO good. pwede ng gawing side raket ito. Hehehehehe! Di ba kau uwi ng 'pinas? How's the weather in AZ? painit na ba?

Rickavieves said...

good one!
hello :-) doing my round! happy Sunday!

Crinklynose said...

hi thet!! thanks talga :o) oo nga e, noon ko pa naisip na pwedeng side raket talga, haha, kaso madugo sya kung one man show lang, hehee. baka makauwi ako ng pinas this coming may kasi bday ng tatay ko, hehee... pero di ko pa sure. di pa ko nagpapaalam sa boss ko, heheee. are you coming over here with russ? sana we can meet up :o) either pinas or dito, heheee. weather here is ok, we're in the low 60's. medyo init sya around april or may. oh my goodness, di pa ko ready for summer.... hehehee... :o)

Crinklynose said...

hi rickavieves! thanks!! have a good week!!! :o)

Gracie said...

i can only imagine what their reaction was with your vid! sis, it’s AMAZING! luv luv luv it!!!


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