Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ups and Downs...

When I came back to work from vacation last week, I was greeted with hallways of empty cubicles and workmates who were eager to tell me what happened. Our company just laid off some 80+ employees just here in Chandler, plus some more from other sites (Israel, Santa Clara CA, Austin TX) when I was gone.

From our department, only 1 was let go - my previous boss. Even if he's not the best boss, I still feel so bad that they had to let him go. I dunno who and how they hand picked who's going or who's staying.

Today, all of those who were let go, came back to the office for their exit interview and to pack-up some of their personal stuff from their cubicles. I swung by when I heard him in his cube and I said hi. I felt that he's on an emotional state as he packed his stuff. He and most of the guys who were let go served like more than 20 years when we were all with Intel. Imagine how it could be like to be out looking for a job again after all those years.

This is the 2nd time for the life of me that I've personally witnessed downsizing this close. We've been spoiled by Intel being so stable for so long and we got comfortable with it until one day Intel decided to sell our whole group to Marvell. A name I've always associated with comic heroes. I never heard of it as a semiconductor company until that day that Intel made the announcement that shocked the world.

A little over a year after the transition to Marvell is over, they decided to downsize by 7% and our site here in AZ was badly hit.

Sad. Sad. Sad.


I get to hangout with some of my girlfriends at work Thursday last week. There's 5 of us girls who kinda bonded after working together while we're all with Intel. Though one of the girls, K, moved to Folsom in California a year ago and the other one, D, moved to a new job early this year. So for this get together, there's just 4 of us who could make it as the other one is in California.

It was fun hanging out with them, good food, good laughs. Some needed time out of work after all the stress from the recent downsizing.
When we're about to bid our goodbyes, one of the gals - S, who's the youngest and the easy-go-lucky-party-gal from our group, had some good news to tell us. She broke the news that they're 15 weeks pregnant!! It was sooo funnny cuz she always jokes about things so the first thing we had in mind was she was just messing with us. Haha, of course until she showed us her belly. We'll she's been skinny and she can always hide from oversized sweaters she's been sporting for the past month or so. Maaan, she's just not a mommy material to us. Haha, she always tell us that she never wouldnt want to have kids until much much later. Then here she go, 15 weeks on the way! About time to hear some happy news :o)



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