Sunday, December 2, 2007

I'm Back!

Hey, it's December already and I'm back, still alive and kicking after our Thanksgiving vacation :o)

We've been all over and it's been a bit crazy trying to squeeze in so many places to go to with so little time we've had in our hands, heee.

So I brought my sister and her friend, George, to Sedona and Grand Canyon for a short trip on her first day here in the US. It's good that we had an awesome weather here in AZ during fall so it was not too warm and not too cold either when we checked out these tourist-y spots here. Grand Canyon, as what its name says, is just sooOOOoo grand and majestic. The colors of the canyon differ during the day so we had tons of awesome photo shoot opportunity. There's no word fitting enough to justify its beauty. Best is to see the canyon in person.

Sedona, has its own beauty and personality to boast about as well. But for me, going there for a day trip is good enough. Anything longer than that could bore me to death.

The following day, my sister and G flew to New York. Hubby & I flew the day after. We stayed at the city for a couple of days, with our hotel a few blocks from where Ground Zero is (see picture below taken from our hotel). The empty lots at the back of the 2 buildings in front of the pic is Ground Zero.

We gushed through Times Square, Central Park, Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller and the Empire State Building in less than 2 days!!!! We have tons of pictures I can't even begin to think which ones to post here. I'd just probably choose 1 picture for every place we visited :o)

Times Square's awesome with everyone getting ready for the Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. Sooooo beautiful at night!!!

It was super late at night when we decided to go checkout the Empire State Building. Good thing we came at the right time since there's no queue at all! What usually takes 2 to 4 hours to line up for the tickets and then go up the building itself only took us less than 10 mins! Awesome view at night man... and not to mention, it's kinda chilly up there too! Here's the view from atop.

We also went to the Rockefeller Center but we didn't get to enter the building. It was kinda late already when we got there. They were currently setting up a huge Christmas Tree that they're going to light up a few days later. As usual, there were a lot of people on the skating rink. Sooo romantic, heee :o)

St Patrick's Church is also a must for us. The architecture of this church never fails to leave me breathless. Ganda talaga.

Of course, anyone who goes to New York would always have the Statue of Liberty in their itenerary? I never thought I would ever see her in the flesh! She's gorgeously green!!! I guess the 2 hours of wait was definitely worth it! We had to take a boat to get to the island. It was some experience alright, seeing the Manhattan Skyline as the boat moves towards the Liberty island is just fantastic! When we got there, we didn't get to go up to the top because there's only so much people per day that they can allow to go up and sad to say, we didn't make it on time. But hey, all is cool :o)

Central Park is huge!!!! I soooo love it, if we only had more time, I wouldn't mind going back there to checkout the rest of the park. Autumn is indeed a big thing in NY with most trees in sight turning from green to orange, burgundy, brown, yellow. Soooo beautiful. Can't see those from where I came from that's for sure, haha!

Our visit to NYC wouldn't be complete if we didn't get to try an original NY pizza!!! As hubby was craving for some, George's cousins brought us to this pizza place with the most mouth watering pasta and pizza I've ever tried. Seriously, everything tasted soooo dang good!! Yum! Thanks Di & Erika the bunso!

We were going to visit the Serendipity cafe (you know, that restaurant that became famous because of the movie Serendipity?) Too bad we got to know that it was shutdown a week before we got there because of some "health concerns" brought up by the guests. Apparently, there were rats and roaches found in the restaurant so the health inspector ordered for it to close down. Ewwww.

On Thanksgiving day, we drove upstate to Red Hook to visit our uncle and auntie. It was our first "break" after 2 days of going around the city. It's the very first Thanksgiving I've ever had with real family so it's something I would always remember.

Next day, we drove further up to Niagara, Canada side. But I'm going to write all about it in my next entry :o) It was definitely one of the highlights of our trip - seeing our niece Aeya and our ate after almost 3 years!!! It's going to be the blog entry I would want to spend time documenting every detail. Isn't she the most adorable pink fur ball ever?


Gracie said...

someone had a blast of a vacay :) awesome pics you've got there sweetie. can't wait to read your post about the trip to Canada.

aslee nino said...

i wish someday i'd have d chance to see those nice places. =)

WELLA said...

hanep bakasyon galore kyo ha... too bad di kme nakapunta sa top of empire state. jusko e naubos oras namen kakalakad, kakapicture sa time square. and kay liberty naman, sus ang haba ng pila... and nakakatakot ung ferry, super puno... anyway, we can go back there anytime naman...

ay naku aliw na aliw ako sa snow, kulang na lang maglandi ako sa snow, nakakahiya lang... hehehe...

QT said...

i love your photos! specially the last one of the grand canyon. super wow!


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