Thursday, November 1, 2007

Somebody Loves Me... errrr, My Blog...

I would like to thank the ever bubbly Wellapot for sharing some lovin to me and my blog :o) It really made my day :o) Thanks girlfriend!!!!

To those who were consistenly checking out my blog irrespective whether I have non-sense stuff in here but kept on coming back anyhow, thank you soooo much my friends!!

Hmmm, now who do I pass it to??? If you're in my bloghopper friends link list, you know I love your blog :o) I think everyone in my list deserve this feel-good badge :o)

However, I'd like to send this to the 3 gals who inspired me to come up with my own blog from the very beginning :o) I know some of them already have this from their other friends but still, I would love to personally share it with them :o)

1) Ann
2) Jean
3) Weng

Gals, I've always been a fan of your blogs so much so I had to start my own :o) Thanks gals!! This is for you :o)


Surfergirl said...

BERNS! THANKS SO MUCH for this :) im really glad that someone loves my blog pala hehe :)

Ann said...

ei girl thanks so much... alam ko na-receive ko to first time kaya super thanks to you mwah!

Crinklynose said...

hi ann, jean! i think i should be the one thanking you gals, hehee. cuz without you, i wouldn't even think of getting into the world of blogosphere... (if that's even a word, haha). tc! hugs!

flowerdrumsong said...

Awwwwwww... so sweet of you girl! :) Shempre, late naman ako sa pag-acknowledge!!!

Thanks Berns! Now, How do I do this?!?!

Take care, missy! :) *hugs*


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