Saturday, November 3, 2007

Indoor Skydive

Sometime July, hubby and I went to Eloy and tried indoor skydiving. I said I'm going to share the video once I'm done with it. Finally, it's here. I didn't put too much of an effort putting this together since I'm being attacked with laziness, heee. So sorry if it's a bit lousy.. heee :o)


bonita said...

wow, this looks like fun! :D i remember seeing this in genting (malaysia). we never got to try it though - sayang! thanks for sharing the video! =)

Mec said...

wow... fun!!! pero when i get the chance, i'd really go for the real thing!!! super dream ko yun and to bungee jump and canopy walk!!!

Crinklynose said...

hi fritzie!!! it was a really fun experience :o) i have friends who went to genting and got to try it and they had a blast, hehee :o)

you should try it next time... it's worth it :o)

tc dearie!!

Crinklynose said...

hi mommy mec sexy!!! gosh, i would love love love to try the real skydiving thing ever since. however, the chicken inside me overuled when i heard and saw a number of fatal accidents happened in the past few years. i don't mind trying it, but hubby wanted to try it with me and i can't let him. haha, unfair ko no??? ok lang kung ako lang, pero pag kasama sya... uhmmm... i don't think so.. heheee.

i already tried bungee jumping once. it was awesome!!!

you should try them while you're young, some experience worth telling to our grand kids in the future that might interest them, hehee.

tc girlash!! hugs!

Gracie said...

awesome! this got me so intrigued :)

Rochell said...

wow...ang sarap!!! sana ma-try ko din yan next time.

Roby said...

wow! that looks so fun! too bad we weren't able to try it at Genting. you look like you were drunk-flying, though hehe too many toinks & boinks hehe

Surfergirl said...

ang saya!!! :) if i also get the chance id want to try the real thing. hey how was bungee jumping???? :) i want to do that tooo!!! sooo badly :)great video editing also!

Crinklynose said...

hi gracie, rochue,

heeee, you wouldn't regret it when you get to try it :o) fun fun fun talga :o)


Crinklynose said...

bongsters, hehee. it's ok, at least u were able to try the reverse bunjee. super inggit ako nun noh!! haha :o)

i will be taking neng to try this indoor skydiving when she comes over :o) excited na rin ang bruha, hehee.


Crinklynose said...

hi there jean!

welcome back from your 3-week long vacation, heee. i love looking at the pics :o) ang saya!!!

gosh, bunjee jumping is definitely something girl. i had the ultimate adrenalin rush of my life, haha. i was so shocked at myself that i wasn't able to scream until it's all over, haha :o)

when you get a chance, try it, it's just awesooOOOOme!!! :o)

one of these days i'd try the real skydiving as well, heheee. we're not to far off from the skydiving school here in AZ so as long as i can convince hubby to let me fly, i'd definitely rush there to go try it, hehee.

tc dearie!


Bobby Beck said...

Awesome! Yeah, it's not as easy as it looks but you did a great job for sure. It's so fun to fly! Weee!!!!


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