Thursday, October 11, 2007

Whatever Happened to the Philippines?

Today I got an email from my DLSU-ECE batch yahoo group about this disturbing "Gang" thingie going on sabotaging motorists in the Philippines.

Pls take some time to read this series of emails passed around to warn people about the severity of this issue. I forwarded this to my family and my friends back home. The more I see things like these happen, the clearer it is to me that I should start doing something to keep my family away from these kinda stuff. I just got to bring them somewhere safer... somewhere closer to me...

Whatever happened to our country? Very saddening indeed. I feel so helpless...

Friends, read on and please take care always...

For the general commuting public, maging driver ka man o hindi....


Three days ago my driver had an encounter in this area. After
dropping me off at work, the driver was on the south bound lane of
South Super Highway near the home along the riles housing (near
Sunday Machine Works and Designer Depot). As he came to a full stop
at the San Andres intersection stoplight, a man approached the
car's rear passenger side, grabbed the car's antenna and broke it.
The man remained beside the car, apparently waiting for the driver
to get down and confront him.
Fortunately, the driver remembered my dad's warnings regarding
these types of M.O.s and remained in the car. As the driver sped
away, he noticed a group of men on the center island. It pays to be

Yes, I have witnessed a similar incident, maybe about a month
ago, and reported it immediately to Police 117. A young man tried
to open the passenger door of the taxi in front of me. About three
or four girls were inside the taxi at that time. Fortunately, the
door was locked. I pass this route coming from Malacanang every
night. Fortunately for me too, my car is heavily tinted so I am not
easy prey. I shall call 117 again. I suggest you do the same.
Although I don't know if that would really help.
Atty. Dara C. Acusar Assistant Secretary
Office of the Chief Presidential Legal Counsel

A similar incident happened to me along Quirino Avenue
somewhere between the Flying V gas station and Iglesia ni Kristo. 3
men approached my car IN BROAD DAYLIGHT! and SLOW TRAFFIC! and
tried to open the back doors. Bumusina ako ng tuloy tuloy to BR
ward them off. It's scary 'coz that area has no patrolling
policemen. When they failed to open my car, they tried the other
cars naman. I don't know kung may nabuksan sila.
Then yesterday, while the PMAP rally was going on along Buendia cor.
Ayala, as I was about to cross that intersection, two of the
rallyists tried to open my car doors again. Again in BROAD
DAYLIGHT! WITH A POLICEMAN AROUND! Hay, what the world has come to.
I suggest you lock up and make a lot of noise to at least rattle
those thieves.

mga tsong this really happend last wednesday, September sept.
10.... and i hope u would take time in reading this........ I came from
makati and was driving along south super highway (osmena hiway)
going towards manila area, nung dumating ako sa maliit na bridge
before the DESIGNER DEPOT, ung maliit na bazaar of clothes (corner
quirino ave and osmena hiway) , if ur coming from makati and u took bu endia or pablo
ocampo, mauuna ung bridge before DESIGNER DEPOT ung nasa harap ko
is a gold honda civic, all of a sudden may mga lumabas na around 6
or 7 guys who obviously look like squatters who reside along the
riles and biglang tinambangan ung civic, pinagsisipa, pinagyug-yug,
pinagkukutkot ung susian and they were successful in opening the
doors, tapos nagulat na lang ako isa isa nilang nilabas ung mga
gamit na nasa loob nung civic cds, bags, etc. im not sure kung ung
driver is a girl or a boy , pero ung driver tinutukan ng
kutsilyo... in short parang kinuyob ung civic, btw, ako and ung
civic during that time(mga 830 - 9 pm) ay nasa right most ng
lane... meaning right side lang namin ung lakaran ng tao.....
after robbing... they immediately jump off the bridge and went away.....
dami nakakita nun pero isang taxi driver lang ang tumigil to check
ung condition ng driver.... nga pala, may oner na nasa harap ng
katabi ng civic, sakay ay mga pulis, 2 lang ata yun,,, naka purple
na uniform (manila police)...... i dont know kung nakita nila yung
incident na yun....pero sa tingin ko naman makikita nila yun...
natakot lang dahil 2 lang sila eh and their rusty pistols.... just
a friendly warning mga tsong..... kung mag-isa kayo and mejo kita
kayo sa loob ng kotse nyo (kahit ano pa yang kotse nyo, luma or
bago) try to avoid muna if possible ung osmena hiway at night or
better yet try to have another route kasi mejo nagpaparamdam na
naman ung mga modus operandi na tulad nun dahil pasko na ulet. if
any of u guys have contact sa manila police, paki inform naman sila
or just spread this news.... its for all us naman eh... peace!

Ingat kayo when passing through south super highway cor quirino ave.
On our way home from Makati, we took buendia then turn right to
south superhighway, it was only 8pm and it was drizzling. we were
cruising fine but it was a slow moving traffic. right after san
andres st, there are these buildings which are modern version of
home along the riles (near the designers depot), my wife screamed
because somebody was trying to open the car from her side. sensing
that it was locked he moved to the back door and tried to open it
likewise, we were stocked in traffic and i was stunned that i could
not think of anything to do but just look at him. so when finally
the traffic moved he also moved away casually tucking the gun in
his belly and staring at me as if saying you are lucky you locked
your door. thank GOD my wife is so makulit in reminding me to lock
the door evertime we go. kaya to all you people beware of that
place. Actually you should be alert & be cautious when passing
through south superhighway all the way to nagtahan.
Karla Vanessa M. Redor

Always better safe than sorry... forewarned is forearmed... mga
bro ingat kayo run, malapit lang ako nakatira dun kaya talagang
totoo yung mga sinasabi rito, karamihan ng mga tarantado diyan nde
mismo taga ilalim ng tulay (tapat ng sunday machine works) ginagawa
lang nila taguan yun at takasan, mostly ng tulisan diyan mga taga-
riles from Fabie, taga-Texas, taga-Muñoz, taga-Mataas na Lupa at
mismo taga-riles (batangas line). uso rin ang agaw cellphone jan
tsaka holdapan sa jeep lalo na sa riles ingat din kayo sa parking
lot ng Designer's Depot kse yung iba doon naghahanap ng biktima
(kase talagang madilim dun!) yan din ang isa sa mga reason kung
bakit walang nakatira dun sa mga housing project na malapit dun dun
sa tawiran sa kabila ng designers depot (yung maraming bata at
totoy na nakatambay at yung iba nagbebenta ng
sampaguita) wag din kayo tatawid dun dahil puro rugby boys and
girls ang nakaupo run! ang masakit, walang ginagawa yung police
detachment diyan! sana makatulong ng konti


My World said...

yeah, nakakalungkot na it's like this back home.

but you know what? i think thigs like these happens in every big city.

here in new york nga, a few weeks ago at a jewelry store in the jewelry district in manhattan, on broad day light, robbers started smashing the display windows with jackhammers. they ran away with jewelries worth $300,000.

i don't know but i haven't heard of a broad day light robbery in a store back home. the robbers are gutsy.



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