Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I'm a Dead Meat!!!!!

When sweeps finds out what I got myself into, surely, he's going to go nuts! Waaahhh!

I'm super stressed out lately because there's so many things we had to take care of in preparation for our upcoming vacation. For the most part, it's the "kids" that I'm worried about. Who's going to take care of them while we're gone? I didn't want to leave them to the vet's boarding kennel because they only have a small cage to share together for the entire time that we're out. They only get to go out when they use the bathroom, it's going to be stressful for them as it is for us thinking about it.

I also thought the petsitter idea would be great, however, hubby is not too comfortable letting some stranger come in our house to feed the dogs. Although they're insured and bonded, we still don't know what could possibly happen, right?

I already talked to some of my friends if they can come over to our house twice a day to feed them in the morning and in the evening. I'm so relieved and thankful with this when they agreed but then I still feel I need to do something on top of that so I have more control over how they're being fed. I know I would end up thinking about what's going on at home while we're out (sheesh, what a control freak!)

Then I thought there should be an automatic pet feeder out there that could save me from some anxiety attack!! So in my quest for looking for a quality automatic pet feeder available in the market, I came across with The Perfect Petfeeder website. After reading review after review for the past several weeks... I was sold!

The features are great, I can program this robot to dispense whatever amount of kibble I want several times a day. I'm excited that finally, I wouldn't have to worry about coming home late and not being able to feed the "kids" on time. Plus, that means we can go out of town whenever we decide we want to without having to plan like months ahead. We have no choice ever since we had pets because we have to consider boarding them when we leave so we haven't really gone out of town right off the bat as how we're accustomed before.

Now, why am I a dead meat????? Because the price of this thing is waaaaaaaaayyyy expensive - a whooping $499!!! For a dog feeder?????!!!!! I'm really nuts buying it but I got this forward looking of what it could cost us in the long run. I know at the end of the day, it would save us money and stress.

As of this writing, I got an email that they already had it shipped. When my hubby finds out how much I've paid for it, I know I'm going to get some serious "talk". I might be the one sleeping on the couch this time... uh-oh :o(

Well, it has a 35 day money back guarantee, so we can always return it back if we end up not liking it at all.

Goodness, what the heck is wrong with me???!!! Dang it!!! For the love of the dogs....


Ma Florinda said...

hahaha!!!.. yeah it's seriously expensive... BUT the worry and stress that it will save you is really worth it. just explain it to john. i think he'll understand you.

mileforyou said...

question po... meron bang guarantee yun vendor na di to mag malfunction? what if you are out and the gadget won't work??? =)

Crinklynose said...

hi florskie, heee... good thing he was ok with it. but i was super scared trying to figure out how am i going to tell him how much i paid for the thing. this is one of those situations wherein we gals can get away by using some charms... heee :o) tc dearie!! hugs!

Crinklynose said...

hi wynds!!! exactly the reason why we wanted to get them a few weeks before we go for our vacation so we can try it out first. plus some friends would come by to check them as well, so everything is set :o)

hope things are well with u. tc!!

Gracie said...

hay, what a relief that hubby is ok with it! i can imagine your nervousness (pausing to ponder about my latest bout with such uneasy feeling under a similar circumstance...hehehe!).

pleased to hear that you've found a great solution to it. tell me what your kids think of it 'coz i'm curious.

Crinklynose said...

hi gracie! yep, hubby and i were able to compromise and met in between, so it's not that bad, haha :o)

convenience wise, yep, i like this auto petfeeder. however, i realize i'm losing the quality i spend with them as they wait for me to give them their food. so we were thinking we'd train them to use it but then we'd not do it everyday. maybe only if we're going out of town or if we wouldn't be able to come home on time.

we're still trying to adjust and figure out how to incorporate it to our daily routine so maybe we'd change our mind later on.

but on the whole, esp the quality is superb! i've never seen anything like it. most of the auto feeder i've seen were wobbly and with a long list of negative feedbacks from previous users.

i'm giving us a week or 2 to adjust and maybe i'd be able to give an unbiased feedback about it :o)

checkout the video i posted here in my blog about the feeder :o)

tc sis!


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