Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hold That Leopard!!!!

One more day and Apple's latest Mac O/S X is here - the Leopard!!!

I've been waiting for months and months... sooo near yet soooo far. Tomorrow is the day it would be officially become available to the mortals like moi! Wooohoooo!

I know a lot of mac users out there have been waiting for the day we can all take a bite of this sweet stuff. My personal favorite is the new SPACE feature as well as the TIME MACHINE. Space reminds me of Solaris' feature where I can divide the screen into how many windows I want and put all my work that are related to each specific "space". It's somewhere along 14:00 from the video. TIME MACHINE allows me to automatically backup my files and go directly to the backup of a latest version of my file for retrieval if needed. Sooo cool!

To my friend O, who is one of the first ones I know who upgraded his PC's OS to uhmmm whatchamacallit... Vista, is it? Heee, checkout Leopard's video tour below and I'm sure you'd want to go get a Mac pronto :o) Peace my friend... haha!


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