Sunday, October 21, 2007


I didn't get to go out today cuz of the list of chores I had to do at home, bummer :o( So while I was doing the laundry and taking some break from cleaning up the entirety of our house, I sat down in front of my computer and worked on our wedding artbook and made a photomontage sorta thing out of it.

So, here's the result of my boredom and thanks to Colbie Callait for her "Bubbly" song! I just really love this song a lot! I hope they wouldn't have to play it too much on the radio. It's actually where I got the "crinklynose" thingie I am thinking of using as my online alias for my future 3D projects end credit, heheee. Why? Cuz I realize I do always crinkle my nose whenever I see things that make me happy and smile about. Just like the way I feel whenever I get to work on my animations and such. Heee :o)

*photos and artbook layout courtesy of fol rana jr.



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