Sunday, October 28, 2007

Automatic Pet Feeder Update

And so we finally got the most awaited automatic pet feeder I ordered online the other day :o) Well, I did a little explaining here and there and thank goodness for my wits and wifey charms (heeeheeeee) that I was able to convince hubby that we really needed it :o) Though I ordered 2 units, I am happy that hubby ok'd for us to get even just 1. So the "kids" might share (no choice for now since 2 is too pricey for us).

We just started our little "experiment" to see if they would like it so now they're still adjusting. Skye didn't like Chewy to be eating close to her so what happens is we let Skye eat her share first then Chewy. It's a little confusing but hopefully, they'd get used to it.

Anyhoo, I did a little video when we tried the Perfect Petfeeder for the first time after we charged up the batteries :o)


Ma Florinda said...

nice! naaliw ako sa pet feeder na yan hehe i showed it to tita and she didn't mind the price. sabi nya kailangan naman daw yan. congrats for the nice pick.

tc! mwah!

Ma Florinda said...

ohh... i forgot! your kids are really cute, chewy and skye. i wish i can hug them hehe

Crinklynose said...

hi dearie! happy talga kami sa feeder though super nag a adjust pa sila... hopefully everything would be ok in a few days :o) thanks for the comment about the "kiddos", heheee... chewy is really a head turner, ang taba kasi e... hehee. plus he loves being hugged :o) tc!


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