Tuesday, September 11, 2007

If You Love Your Pets, Read This!

Did you know exactly what you're feeding your beloved companions? Do you read the labels and take sometime to find out what are the ingredients in your pets food? If not I suggest you stick around to read this entry and I'm sure you'd go ballistic as soon as you as you find out what we really are feeding our pets.

The effect of the petfood recall last March was definitely a wakeup call for me & hubby. For those who might have not known, a long list of branded pet foods were
recalled because dozens of dogs & cats died of kidney failures after eating certain pet foods manufactured by Menu Foods. Apparently, they've imported an ingredient from China which is also being used as rat poison. Tainted foods are mostly canned and pouched. Good thing we stayed with kibbles for the longest time. But still, duuuhh?! These guys need some serious slap on the face! I feel so sorry for those who lost their pets because of these manufacturers trying to cut cost to the expense of our beloved pets lives!!!!

Anyways, I'm not going to rant here or else it's going to take more than a day to list down all my frustrations about the whole recall issue.

When we switched the kids to Nutro Ultra Adult food, we noticed that the kids shedding dramatically lessened! I used to clean the floor every single day because their hair were just all over! Now their coats are healthy and shiny, and of course, less cleaning for me!

Back then during the height of the recall issue, Nutro Ultra Chicken, Salmon & Lamb Formula was not in the recalled food list. Now that I just checked the updated list, the canned version is now being recalled. Even if the one we use is kibble (dry), I didn't want to take the risk anyways.

So with my quest to find a better food alternative for the kids, I found this website that has videos which explains what we should know about reading food labels for our pets. They said that meat by-products which usually are a major ingredients of branded pet foods could also include "dead animals, those with disease, those that have been euthanized etc". Ugghh!

Anyhoo, I'd let these videos do their job rather than me explaining things. Hope this would help all pet parents out there to become a bit more informed on what we should have known long time ago even before the pet food recall hiatus shook the world of pet lovers like us.

If you're interested to see how your pet food rates against the others, click here.

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Poor kiddos who were the innocent victims of this heart-breaking malady.



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