Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Busy Bees

Finally I was able to take a breather so I decided I'd post an entry to my ho-hum-getting-stale blog. Gosh, I don't even know where to begin.

Well first, I got all the requirements to the animation school submitted, which is good, at least one less thing to worry about. I hope everything's good to go by Jan 7 (start of Winter 2008 term).

Second, we've been really really busy organizing around the house. Hubby built some additional shelves in the closet since we badly need some usable space in that area of our bedroom. We also got our computer room cleaned up as well. All of hubby's old record collection are now neatly arranged in 2 bookshelves we got from where else, but the good 'ol IKEA. We've been hanging out in IKEA during the weekends for the past few weeks trying to see if we can bump into some good finds. True enough, we found these cool bookshelves just perfect for hubby's vinyl record collection. We have yet to find a corner office desk so we might go back there this weekend. With this we have to re-route out network cables and all so everything would be neatly arranged.

My sister from Singapore is also coming to visit us this Thanksgiving as well so we're trying to free up the guestroom from the boxes we have yet to unpack from our move last year. So with that, we have to find a place for those boxes. That's when we decided to get a Tuff Shed installed for us at the backyard. So last Monday, the Tuff Shed guys came and installed the shed for us. Of course what's the next thing we had to do after they got it installed??? We had to kick our butts to move the unopened boxes we had and arrange them nicely in the shed. Whew. We're not even close to being done. We still have a lot of stuff to move in there.

Third, since we're going for a short vacation this coming Thanksgiving, so we had to book our tickets and look for pet sitters for the "kids" so we wouldn't have to leave them in a boarding kennel while we're gone. I'm glad I found out about this petsitting service that was highly recommended by the animal rescue group we got Chewy from. So instead of leaving the kids to a boarding kennel (which would add tremendous stress for the kids), the pet sitter would just come over to our place a few times a day to take care of the kids while we're away. Plus they can water our plants, collect our mail, turn the lights on/off etc. We just made a reservation for the whole of Thanksgiving week, but we haven't met the actual sitter yet. So I'd take care of that this coming Oct.

Prior to all these though, we've been uber busy looking for a bigger car. Of course, we didn't want a brand new vehicle just so we have this philosophy about being practical when it comes to buying things that could easily depreciate. So after all the search, we found this baby which I've been driving for about a month now. It's a 96 Isuzu Rodeo, 2WD, all leather seats with moonroof, complete tow package, cd changer, etc etc. It's a pretty good deal we got for $3200. The only thing though is that it eats a lot of gas so I can't come back home for lunch as I used to. And Chewy is having a hard time to jump up to it since it's bit high (he's a big boy, remember?) and he gets scared to get in it for some reason. So whenever I take them out to the park, I still use my old reliable car (which hubby is now driving, heeee).

So there, it's been really really crazy for the past month and would get worse for the coming weeks. That's the reason why I haven't had any post here that has some susbtance of some sort. So if I don't get to visit your blog as often as I used to, wag magtampo, it's just that we're really tied up these days. I still do checkout some blogs but I don't get to leave comments/messages that much.

I just got tired writing and thinking about the chores we've done and the things we still yet to do. Got our hands really full with alot of things going on.

Now back to work.... Have a good week everyone! Ta-ta!


flowerdrumsong said...

BERNS!!!! :)

Whoa - can totally relate with the boxes... ugh! I wanted to have everything done soon so we can be 'normal' again.

Hey, where are you off to?!?!?! And, my, oh my - I see a good student in you - prepping already for the next term!!! Good girl! ;)

O sha, I thought I'd stop by and say hello to my dear gf! ;)

Crinkly Nose said...

hi weng! thanks for dropping by, i know you're uber busy as well. naku, been there, done that. see eto nga a little over 1 yr na since we moved to our house, meron pa rin kami boxes left unpacked, haha :o)

we're heading off to NY for thanksgiving, woohoo! finally, vacation time after sooo long we really needed some time off.

have fun designing and decoration your new house, heee. kaka-addict yan. you'd always find something to "upgrade". heee. tc girl! hugs!!!


Crinkly Nose said...

ay... oooppsss... erase erase erase...

"have fun designing and decorating your new house...."

super nagmamadali mag type, haha.

tc girl!!

Surfergirl said...

whoa that's a whole lot of updates! busy month indeed. congrats on the new car :) and pareho tayo , my aunt, sis (from phils) and cousin from la are coming over next month soon to visit! im going on a 3 week leave in a week's time. badly needed break! :)
cheers to us on our mini vacay! where you guys going off to? kami in brisbane lang, it's my MIL's 60th din kasi so were celebrating it at the Goldcoast. plus we're meeting my family there as well. so it's like a half-half reunion of some sort as well! :)

Crinklynose said...

hi jean! yeeeeyyyy, let's enjoy our respective vacations, wooohooo!!!!!

heeeehee, we're going to the east coast since my sister's coming over for thanksgiving. grabe, lapit na yun!

anyhoo, have a blast girlfriend! hugs!


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