Thursday, September 6, 2007

The 6th Gen iPOD!!!!

Ladies and gentlemen!!!! Presenting... the latest of Apple's craze... the mean, sleek-looking iPod ever!!!! Make way to the 6G iPOD!

Heck noh, I'm not buying one. Sure, the features are awesome and with the new interface just like the iTunes Store where you can easily flip through the music album's art cover, and the Touch iPod with it's iPhone-like features where you can just scroll and flick the screen with a touch of your finger... even if you can now browse the internet with it... even if you can directly download songs from iTunes without having to use your computer... heck noh! I haven't even removed the protective plastic cover of my video iPod, it's still shiny and polished even if I had it for about roughly 4 months... (read: those guys, they made my ipod already obsolete with this new Touch iPod, shmucks!!!!!!!!!)

Checkout this video for a more detailed understanding of its features.


Maeyo said...

WOW! grave na talaga ang technology ngayon. No one can keep up!!!

Endless ang features nya...kelangan bottomless din ang wallet mo nito! hahahahha.

I'll link you up was wordpress ko ha?

Cupie Bernskie said...

hi there maeyo! thanks for dropping by! yep, tell me about it, technology these days are dang crazy!

sure, will link u up as well.

thanks & tc!


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