Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Busy Bees

Finally I was able to take a breather so I decided I'd post an entry to my ho-hum-getting-stale blog. Gosh, I don't even know where to begin.

Well first, I got all the requirements to the animation school submitted, which is good, at least one less thing to worry about. I hope everything's good to go by Jan 7 (start of Winter 2008 term).

Second, we've been really really busy organizing around the house. Hubby built some additional shelves in the closet since we badly need some usable space in that area of our bedroom. We also got our computer room cleaned up as well. All of hubby's old record collection are now neatly arranged in 2 bookshelves we got from where else, but the good 'ol IKEA. We've been hanging out in IKEA during the weekends for the past few weeks trying to see if we can bump into some good finds. True enough, we found these cool bookshelves just perfect for hubby's vinyl record collection. We have yet to find a corner office desk so we might go back there this weekend. With this we have to re-route out network cables and all so everything would be neatly arranged.

My sister from Singapore is also coming to visit us this Thanksgiving as well so we're trying to free up the guestroom from the boxes we have yet to unpack from our move last year. So with that, we have to find a place for those boxes. That's when we decided to get a Tuff Shed installed for us at the backyard. So last Monday, the Tuff Shed guys came and installed the shed for us. Of course what's the next thing we had to do after they got it installed??? We had to kick our butts to move the unopened boxes we had and arrange them nicely in the shed. Whew. We're not even close to being done. We still have a lot of stuff to move in there.

Third, since we're going for a short vacation this coming Thanksgiving, so we had to book our tickets and look for pet sitters for the "kids" so we wouldn't have to leave them in a boarding kennel while we're gone. I'm glad I found out about this petsitting service that was highly recommended by the animal rescue group we got Chewy from. So instead of leaving the kids to a boarding kennel (which would add tremendous stress for the kids), the pet sitter would just come over to our place a few times a day to take care of the kids while we're away. Plus they can water our plants, collect our mail, turn the lights on/off etc. We just made a reservation for the whole of Thanksgiving week, but we haven't met the actual sitter yet. So I'd take care of that this coming Oct.

Prior to all these though, we've been uber busy looking for a bigger car. Of course, we didn't want a brand new vehicle just so we have this philosophy about being practical when it comes to buying things that could easily depreciate. So after all the search, we found this baby which I've been driving for about a month now. It's a 96 Isuzu Rodeo, 2WD, all leather seats with moonroof, complete tow package, cd changer, etc etc. It's a pretty good deal we got for $3200. The only thing though is that it eats a lot of gas so I can't come back home for lunch as I used to. And Chewy is having a hard time to jump up to it since it's bit high (he's a big boy, remember?) and he gets scared to get in it for some reason. So whenever I take them out to the park, I still use my old reliable car (which hubby is now driving, heeee).

So there, it's been really really crazy for the past month and would get worse for the coming weeks. That's the reason why I haven't had any post here that has some susbtance of some sort. So if I don't get to visit your blog as often as I used to, wag magtampo, it's just that we're really tied up these days. I still do checkout some blogs but I don't get to leave comments/messages that much.

I just got tired writing and thinking about the chores we've done and the things we still yet to do. Got our hands really full with alot of things going on.

Now back to work.... Have a good week everyone! Ta-ta!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Puppy Love...

Awwwww.... this is just sooooo cute to pass up, I can't help but to share it to everyone. Maaan, I hope Skye & Chewy could do this as well. Soooo cute.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Need Some Break? Have a Coco!

I am currently loving songs of Colbie Caillat. I can listen to her songs the whole day and feel good after that. One of my favorites is her song called "Bubbly" from her album Coco. And so I decided to take a quick break from what I'm working on at the office to just post this.

Hope you enjoy this as much as I do. It's a bit girly alright, but this is what I need for the meantime to kinda keep my pace at work.

Missing my bloghopping friends... hope everyone's having a good week!


I've been awake for a while now
You've got me feelin' like a child now
'Cause every time I see your bubbly face
I get the tingles in a silly place

And it starts in my toes
And I crinkle my nose
Wherever it goes
I always know
That you make me smile
Please stay for a while now
Just take your time
Wherever you go

The rain is falling on my window pane
But we are hiding in a safer place
Under covers staying safe and warm
You give me feelings that I adore

And it starts in my toes
Make me crinkle my nose
Wherever it goes
I always know
That you make me smile
Please stay for a while now
Just take your time
Wherever you go

What am I gonna say
When you make me feel this way
I just mmmmm

And they start in my toes
Makes me crinkle my nose
Wherever it goes
I always know
That you make me smile
Please stay for a while now
Just take your time
Wherever you go

I've been asleep for a while now
You tuck me in just like a child now
'Cause every time you hold me in your arms
I'm comfortable enough to feel your warmth

And it starts in my soul
And I lose all control
When you kiss my nose
The feeling shows
'cause you make me smile baby
Just take your time now
Holdin' me tight

Wherever wherever wherever you go
Wherever wherever wherever you go

wherever you go
I always know
'Cause you make me smile
Even just for a while

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

If You Love Your Pets, Read This!

Did you know exactly what you're feeding your beloved companions? Do you read the labels and take sometime to find out what are the ingredients in your pets food? If not I suggest you stick around to read this entry and I'm sure you'd go ballistic as soon as you as you find out what we really are feeding our pets.

The effect of the petfood recall last March was definitely a wakeup call for me & hubby. For those who might have not known, a long list of branded pet foods were
recalled because dozens of dogs & cats died of kidney failures after eating certain pet foods manufactured by Menu Foods. Apparently, they've imported an ingredient from China which is also being used as rat poison. Tainted foods are mostly canned and pouched. Good thing we stayed with kibbles for the longest time. But still, duuuhh?! These guys need some serious slap on the face! I feel so sorry for those who lost their pets because of these manufacturers trying to cut cost to the expense of our beloved pets lives!!!!

Anyways, I'm not going to rant here or else it's going to take more than a day to list down all my frustrations about the whole recall issue.

When we switched the kids to Nutro Ultra Adult food, we noticed that the kids shedding dramatically lessened! I used to clean the floor every single day because their hair were just all over! Now their coats are healthy and shiny, and of course, less cleaning for me!

Back then during the height of the recall issue, Nutro Ultra Chicken, Salmon & Lamb Formula was not in the recalled food list. Now that I just checked the updated list, the canned version is now being recalled. Even if the one we use is kibble (dry), I didn't want to take the risk anyways.

So with my quest to find a better food alternative for the kids, I found this website that has videos which explains what we should know about reading food labels for our pets. They said that meat by-products which usually are a major ingredients of branded pet foods could also include "dead animals, those with disease, those that have been euthanized etc". Ugghh!

Anyhoo, I'd let these videos do their job rather than me explaining things. Hope this would help all pet parents out there to become a bit more informed on what we should have known long time ago even before the pet food recall hiatus shook the world of pet lovers like us.

If you're interested to see how your pet food rates against the others, click here.

For more disturbing pet food articles, check this & this

Poor kiddos who were the innocent victims of this heart-breaking malady.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

The 6th Gen iPOD!!!!

Ladies and gentlemen!!!! Presenting... the latest of Apple's craze... the mean, sleek-looking iPod ever!!!! Make way to the 6G iPOD!

Heck noh, I'm not buying one. Sure, the features are awesome and with the new interface just like the iTunes Store where you can easily flip through the music album's art cover, and the Touch iPod with it's iPhone-like features where you can just scroll and flick the screen with a touch of your finger... even if you can now browse the internet with it... even if you can directly download songs from iTunes without having to use your computer... heck noh! I haven't even removed the protective plastic cover of my video iPod, it's still shiny and polished even if I had it for about roughly 4 months... (read: those guys, they made my ipod already obsolete with this new Touch iPod, shmucks!!!!!!!!!)

Checkout this video for a more detailed understanding of its features.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Just Keep Swimming... Just Keep Swimming...

So, that's what comes out of my mouth whenever I see Dory's character (Finding Nemo) - stuffed toys, videos, pictures.... I'm sure she's one of the most unforgettable characters in the world of computer animated feature films of the 21st century.

Who would have known that the genius behind this adorable character is a true blue Pinay???? Yep sireee! Her name is Gini Santos. She currently works at Pixar Animation Studios. Same studio that made the most amazing feature films - A Bug's Life, Toy Story, The Incredibles, Cars, Monsters Inc and of course, Ratatouille! All these I never failed to catch on the big screen!

Gini was born in the States but her college life was mostly spent in the Philippines. She studied at the University of Santo Thomas with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts. Little did she know that she would eventually leave a mark of her creativity through these characters that have touched the young and the not-so-young-anymore all over the world?? Amazing and inspiring.

She is in the roster of awesome mentors they have in Animation Mentor school. I'm not sure if I would have a chance to be her student when I start next year, I hope so. That would be cool! Actually, most of their mentors work with different animation giants in industry out there (Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, Sony, Laika, etc etc). I'm excited but uber scared at the same time...

I guess this is the part where I should start chanting... "Just keep swimming... just keep swimming..." It was Dory who inspired the scared Marlin to swim down the oceanic abyss and go after the sunken goggles - their only way to find his Nemo.

Maybe... just maybe... I could get some needed courage as well...

"Just keep swimming... just keep swimming... just keep swimming..." :o)

BTW, stay tuned for WALL-e coming out in the theaters Summer of 2008! And oh, Bee Movie (DreamWorks SKG) coming out this fall.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

We Almost Lost Chewy...

Today we almost lost Chewy. He ran out of our opened side gate without us knowing. Thank goodness our neighbor found him walking by their house. When she noticed he has a collar, she grabbed him and called the Pet Assure hotline which is engraved onto Chewy's tag.

Rewind 30 minutes before the incident happened...

We got Chewy & Skye's pet tags from the mailbox because we just enrolled them to a pet discount card called Pet Assure. It comes with free tags for enrolled pets with a 1-800 number available 24/7 engraved on them. This would be useful if the pet got lost and someone finds them, they can call that number and the customer service rep would look up the pet's info from their database.

I was so excited to put these tags on the "kids" so I immediately opened the envelope and had each of them wear the tags as soon as we got back home.

After I fed the kids, I let them out to the backyard so they can do their "thing" (poop, pee, etc, haha). After a few minutes, I went outside to check on them. I saw Skye playing with her toy but I can't find Chewy. He usually lies down by the back door when he's done with his business. I called him... no Chewy showed up... called again, no Chewy...

I began to panic and I thought I'd check the side gate. I remembered I had to open & unlock it yesterday so the bug spray guy could get through the backyard. True enough, the gate was ajar and I started freaking out! I forgot to lock the gate yesterday when the bug spray guy left!!!! Ohhh nooohhhh!!!

I know Chewy would just speed through the door when he sees it open. Skye on the otherhand is a bit wary about running away... for some reason she knows it's something that she's not supposed to do... I hope dogs are as smart as her...

So I called hubby and I told him that Chewy's gone. I knew he's going to ask me why the gate was left open and I was scared to death to admit that it's my fault. Immediately we grabbed the car key and flashlight (it happened at around 8pm-ish). We were so worried that he might go to the main road (with tons of vehicles and traffic) not too far from our house. We searched along the neighborhood and we figured he couldn't run that far (cuz he's fat and he gets tired right away, haha!)

After 15 mins of search, sweeps decided to just drive back again in front of our house. There we found a lady (our neighbor) with Chewy sitting next to her. She was on the phone I guess talking to the Pet Assure customer service rep. We stopped the car and thanked her for her kindness...

We gotta figure out something tomorrow what gift to give her. Hadn't for her, we'd be having sleepless nights wondering if Chewy's ok.

Even if we didn't find him through Pet Assure, when we got back home, we have voicemail messages coming from them informing us that a lady found Chewy and that they have her contact info. I still gave them a buzz and told them we already found him. Now at least I know the system works.

I hugged Chewy for a long time and I told him not to do that ever again. Sweeps came and told me the same thing... sigh :o(

God is good.

Chewy Transforms to Splinter!

I found some cool morphing software and so out of curiosity I tried the photos of Master Splinter (TMNT) & Chewy (one of our dogs) I posted here sometime ago. They really have this uncanny resemblance for some reason. For a rat & a dog to look a like???? --- Strange!

So without further ado, here's the cool transformation of our Chewy to Splinter :o)


Desenvolvido por EMPORIUM DIGITAL