Thursday, August 16, 2007

What's in the Box????

WoOhOooO!! Yipeeyayey!!! I got back this afternoon from work and look at what UPS left on our front door??? Nuninuninuninu .... I'm sOoooo hApPy!!! On my way to my first step of making all my "wannabe" list close to reality... heee!

The "box" from Amazon!

Opening it up...

With Chewy in the picture, haha!

The Illusion of Life by 2 of Disney's most prominent animators

Learning Maya8.0 - the standard for 3D animation for Mac platforms

The Animator's Survival Kit

The whole enchilada...

Chewy super bored while waiting for me

I also got my free upgrade of my Adobe After Effects 7.0 to AE CS3 last week!!!

Wow, I'm really really excited. Though it's a bit overwhelming but I've been looking forward into starting & living my "somedays" today :o)


Surfergirl said...

wow berns! youre really taking your video editing/animation to the next level! :) im glad for you. can't wait to see the upcoming projects :)

Cupie Bernskie said...

hi jean! thanks! thanks! i figured might as well do something about stuff i want- the sooner the better :o)

i'm working on some new projects and i'd share them as soon as i'm done :o)

take care, have a good weekend!



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