Sunday, August 12, 2007

We Finally Got Our Wedding Video!

O my goodness, we finally got hold of our wedding video!!!! Maaan, it's super nice! What else can I say? We truly love Bob Nicolas and his team!

One of my friends came over from the Philippines for a business trip here in Chandler. My mom asked him to bring the videos to us so the moment we got hold of the dvd's, we popped it in and checked it out! Soooo cool!

My family had the videos since April I think and whenever
I talk to them, they kept on raving how nice the videos turned out. I asked my sister to bring the videos with her when she comes over here for Thanksgiving. Good thing my mom found out that my high school classmate is coming over so she passed the videos to him instead. Gosh, we were super excited of course!!!

We didn't realize the details of what had happened on our wedd
ing day until we saw the videos. Our wedding's super saya pala, haha. Memories started to come back to us as we watch it.

I haven't had the chance to checkout the raw footages that Bob sent us as well. I'm sure that would give us a more detailed info as how our wedding day unfolds.

Let me see if I can compress the whole video and upload it somewhere, haha. It's really really neat!

Thanks Bob, we sooo love the video!


Ann said...

buti ka pa nakuha mo na yung video...kami wala pa din ... nagtitimpi na nga lang ako kasi baka mag-suffer yung video namin pag super nangulit ako at nag-demand kay Dan Pamintuan.

selle and dyoks said...

we finally got our video na din :)

and like you, we are very much satisfied. galing-galing talaga ni bob. :)


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