Sunday, August 12, 2007

More On Linkin Park!

Ha, I'm so happy I found a website where I can share the entire LP playlist of their Projekt Revolution 2007 concert here in Phoenix last Aug 1. Woohoo! It's recorded live.. I think I can even hear my hubby's voice in the crowd, haha! J/K!

I finally got to figure out how to share a playlist from imeem, super neat! Though I haven't figured out how to manage the order of the music per playlist, but yeah, this would do for now.

Anyways to those LP fans out there, here are some of their songs when they were in Phoenix, AZ!!

Woooohooooo!!! Enjoy!

To view some videos we took, I created a playlist from youtube as well. Sweet!!


mileforyou said...

LP Rocks!!!

Thanks for sharing their LIVE songs... I just realized magkaboses pala kami hehehe

Bernskie said...

hi wynds, haha! walang duda, magka boses nga kayo ni chester, haha :o) miss u bro! how are things with you??? balitaan mo naman ako. it's good to see you with blogspot. i seldom get to check friendster anymore kasi, hehe. tc, hope things are well with you!


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